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The Yangtze River Delta Water Sports Festival kicks off with a “dragon boat race” on the Grand Canal

2023-06-06 10:33:40

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On June 3, Hangzhou Chengbei Sports Park staged a unique sports, cultural and tourism party. The two-day 2023 Yangtze River Delta Water Sports Festival and Grand Canal Sports and Cultural Tourism Festival will be held here. The “Yangtze River Delta Water Sports Festival”, which is one of the series of activities of “Red Navigator Helping the Asian Games”, has been held for the fourth time. “Three Festivals in One” to achieve an event experience that integrates sports, game watching, experience, entertainment and other items.

The competition of the water sports festival was held in the waters of the Shangtang River. There were 16 competitions in 4 items including kayak, dragon boat, paddle board and electric surfboard, which attracted more than 500 participants from the Yangtze River Delta region and cities along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Players compete. Ms. Ding is the only female player in the Hangzhou team of Lishui College. “The team is very strong, and it feels good to compete with the seniors.” Ms. Ding told reporters that the players are all members of the original dragon boat team of Lishui College. The first time I came from all over the country to participate in the competition, I felt like I was back in my school days.

Jelis from the International Dragon Boat Team of Zhejiang Normal University is from Mozambique. She is a little afraid of water and fell in love with this water sport during the one-month dragon boat training class. .” Jelly said that she deeply felt the team strength brought by concerted efforts in the process of getting in touch with dragon boats.

The Grand Canal Sports Cultural Tourism Festival, which was simultaneously staged in the North City Sports Park, also attracted many citizens and friends to participate. Five major themes were set up on the spot: “Good Luck·Trend Show”, “Fun·Asian Games Experience Competition”, “So Cool·Intellectual Sports Collection”, “Good-looking·National Fashion Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition” and “Good Things·Sports Equipment Collection”. There are not only FPV drones, drone football, robot boxing, off-road vehicle model challenges, land surfboards, balance boards, frisbees, trampolines and other sports, but also on-site interactions and diverse trends of intangible cultural heritage inheritors in the Yangtze River Delta region The performances are staged colorfully.

It is reported that the fourth “Yangtze River Delta Water Sports Festival” was included in the “2022 Zhejiang Provincial Key Cultivated Brand Sports Events Directory”, won the Excellent Event Organization Award of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and the “One District, One Product” by the Hangzhou Sports Bureau “Activity top ten brand competitions and other honors. Since its establishment in 2020, it has always been based on high standards, sustainability, and participation by the whole people. Every year, it attracts 30,000 to 40,000 citizens and friends to watch passionate water sports, play cool fashion sports, appreciate the charm of intangible cultural heritage, and feel the ingenuity. A unique view along the canal.

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