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The "yellow vests" have already cost 30 million to large cities

The bill climbs every Saturday. For the main French cities, the weekly ritual of "yellow vests" has a bitter taste. Beyond the decline in the number of shops, the deterioration of street furniture, but also public buildings, have a cost that the mayors received Wednesday in Bercy by the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, have quantified to 30 millions of euros.

For the city of Paris alone, the bill amounts to 15 million. It reaches 2 million for Bordeaux, 4 million for Toulouse, or 700,000 euros for Dijon, according to data provided by François Baroin, the president of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF).

Rehabilitation of street furniture

These costs mainly correspond to the renovation of the municipal assets, which is not always covered by the insurance, but also to the overtime done by the cleanliness teams of the cities who spend part of the night, each weekend, to be cleaned. the damage in the streets.

Municipalities also suffer revenue losses due to the suspension of transportation each Saturday afternoon at the time of the rallies. Who will pay ? " National sovereignty is a matter of practicesaid Jean-Luc Moudenc, the mayor of Toulouse, also president of France Urban, the association that brings together elected officials of major cities.

The municipal authorities advocate that these additional costs, linked to the "yellow vests" gatherings, are not included in their operating expenses. In short, they have come out of the contract with the state in the context of the reduction of local public expenditure.

"Unacceptable attacks"

Bruno Le Maire did not advance on this ground. He naturally condemned "The violence that is apparent week after week »And« unacceptable attacks on sacred symbols and everything that represents democracy , Including mayors and prefectures.

For traders, he announced the constitution of a working group between local elected officials and the government to provide answers " more adapted and more concrete ", According to Jean-Luc Moudenc, who asks, for its part, exemptions from charges.

Bercy does not wish to proceed with the cancellation of tax debts, which would require a law. The minister recalled the measures already taken: the tax authorities and Urssaf were invited to grant payment facilities, including a staggered social charges. Only 3,172 establishments have applied at this stage. Urssaf recorded 345 requests in Midi-Pyrénées for example, while 1,800 shops are listed in the city center of Toulouse alone. "Many do not know that it exists. Or they feel there is too much paperwork "Says Jean-Luc Mondenc.

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