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Home News The "yellow vests" manifest in Nancy despite a ban, four arrests

The "yellow vests" manifest in Nancy despite a ban, four arrests

More than 320 "yellow vests" braved the ban on demonstrations in Nancy on Saturday. Photo taken at a rally on January 19, 2019. – JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN / AFP

The "yellow vests" of Lorraine had chosen for this 22nd Saturday of mobilization the city of
Nancy as a rallying point but because of the holding of a large funfair, the prefecture had banned any event in the city center.

Despite this ban, "yellow vests" managed to gain access to the city center, some crossing railway lines, and "SNCF traffic at Nancy station was interrupted from 15:50 to 16:10 because protesters were traveling on the tracks" said the prefecture.

No protesters were injured

During the demonstration, which brought together 320 protesters, according to the prefecture, four people were arrested, for "participation in a prohibited demonstration with a weapon, contempt, rebellion and death threat on person in charge of the public authority" and 42 were fined 135 euros for participation in a prohibited event.

The prefecture states that no demonstrator was wounded during this day and that no degradation took place. Other "yellow vests" Lorraine gathered Saturday in Commercy (Meuse), where a bylaw also prohibited to demonstrate in some streets of the center.

"About fifty protesters have faced the CRS near the streets that are banned from demonstrating," said the Meuse prefecture in a statement, adding that several weapons by destination had been seized, "bar iron, balls of petanque, a baton in particular.

Act 22 of the movement brought together a total of 31,000 people

Elsewhere in the northeast quarter of France, the demonstrations were also peppered with incidents. In Strasbourg, tear gas was used to roll back the "yellow vests" that sought access to the station square and five people were arrested.

In Besançon, 600 demonstrators broke the pavement and the police responded to projectile jets with tear gas and LBD fire.
Four people were arrested at the end of the demonstration, including a minor, for projectiles and fire bins, announced the prefecture.

The rallies marking Act 22 of the movement gathered a total of 31,000 people in France, including 5,000 in Paris, according to a count of the Ministry of the Interior, a few days of announcements of President Emmanuel Macron out of this crisis.


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