The young artist Mourad Fekri has starred in a variety of his works

The young artist Mourad Fekri has starred in a variety of his works

I wrote / Marwa Jalal
Cinema has contributed to the development of the representative talent of the world’s actors. White and Black Cinema has developed and produced dozens of talents that have matured and become prominent in the history of film and acting. It is a beautiful art and ability to change your true feelings and ability to be personal.
“Artist Mourad Fekri” excels and sweeps the Egyptian cinema arena in recent times by participating in many of the different roles he has presented through the following films: Including “Omar al-Azraq”, “Rushdie’s Architecture,” “Out of Text,” “Black Heart,” a sudden escape, in addition to waiting for films such as “Singers”, “Kites” and a technical break.
While the role of “Saad Aruba” in “Omar Blue” starred by the brilliant artist Nidal Shafei, the right arm that arranges all his criminal work, and participated in this film many artists directed by Ihab Abdul Latif
“Muratfekri” for his role in the film “Out of Text” embodied the role of the “master of the kingdom” of the son of the country, which forced him to the circumstances of his father’s illness to resort to the world of crime, unlike his previous roles began with the character of “naughty” and performed the role with brilliant success and distinguished from the sincerity of performance He participated with a group of artists including Mohammad Najati, Randa El Beheiry, Nermine Maher, Ahlam El Gertily, Amr Mamdouh, Hassan Eid, Sabri Abdel Moneim and other artists. “He said.
“He was a friend of a businessman forced to live in a state of corruption, Ahmed Haroun, and the film directed by Wael Abdel Qader.
“Murad Fikri” said that he is waiting for three films: The film “Singers on Food”: This is a work of light comedy, a technical vision of the product Tariq Ramses and embodies the character of “Lamai” young man meets artist Ahmed Siam and collides with a series of events intersecting with the heroes of the film Nermin Maher and Ahmad Azmi and Tatiana. The Movie “The Kit”: And the body of a police officer in the Criminal Investigation Department of the rank of captain, “Murad Sharif” was a new and different personality presented for the first time throughout his career, and the work of Wael Abdel Qader. Film “technical failure”: It is a comedy film that is completely devoid of evil, in which it plays the role of a blind, blind, and deaf young man. It is played by the artist Medhat Teikha, his father is the talented artist Fekri Sadiq, Samar Jaber, the late Mohamed Metwally, Ahmed Harbi, Hashim Hashim and Alaa El Hawary. Hassan al-Sayyid, scheduled to be presented at Eid al-Fitr.
The artist Mourad Fekri said he is keen to select roles that provide a useful message to the public.
Mourad Fekri added that he participated in various roles in his recent works. The film “Omar Al Azraq” was distinguished by action, a comedy role in “Rushdie Architecture”, horror in “Black Heart”, and the tragedy in “Out of Text “And the action comedy, in a sudden escape, explaining that the diversity of roles embodied by the body is considered an ideal and move in his artistic career.
He added that “Murad Fikri” he participated in many other works that he presented and embodied in different roles distinct and successful, including dramas, radio and cinema, including the series of Ibn Halal with the artist, “Mohammad Ramadan,” which left its mark to the public and the series “Last Summer” and “My Life” “Dancing with Flowers” and “Madonna Amira” and “German Film”
He said he was keen to make every choice of roles he offered to be a useful message to the public.
The artist “Murad Fikri” that he will participate in the next Ramadan series drama two series “Eagle Upper” with the artist, “Mohammed Ramadan” and the second series, “Said Shubra” with the artist, “Amr Mustafa,” adding that he continues to photograph their scenes with several different decorations.
“Murad said that the reason for his success was generosity from our Lord and his trust in God in all his steps and technical diligence and bear his patience in the previous period and wish God success in all his future work.

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