The young man from Córdoba gave the second swab negative and will be discharged «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The young Cordovan who came to town to visit his girlfriend the second swab was negative that was made for what will be discharged.

As confirmed THE CAPITAL, the young man will appear as recovered in the next few hours but will continue to be accommodated at the Facón de Mar hotel due to his committed judicial situation.

The young man had been swabbed in the morning with his girlfriend: in the end, it was found that she does not have a coronavirus and that he has already overcome the disease.

The Cordovan had entered the city from Córdoba with all the false documentation. He had in his possession the DNI, driver’s license and a force majeure permit to circulate corresponding to a friend.

The deception was discovered when the health authorities detected the positive case and went to look for the man who, in theory, was named Franco Tona. But when communicating with him they discovered that it was not the man who had entered the city on Route 226.

The Federal Justicial intervened and the prosecutor Mazzaferri charged the young man because he considered that there are elements to deepen the investigation into the spread of the virus and the use of false identity.

The Penal Code, in article 202, provides between penalties of between 3 and 15 years in prison for those who spread “a dangerous and contagious disease”. Likewise, article 203 proposes fines of between 5 thousand and 100 thousand pesos when the propagation “was committed by recklessness, negligence, skill in his art or profession or by non-observance of the duties in his charge.”

Magistrate Santiago Inchausti will take the investigative statement virtually once he recovers from the virus.

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