The Youtube star who teaches at an institute in Oviedo

They know Leonel Virosta in the corridors of the institutes. He is not a footballer or a singer. He has a YouTube channel and is the virtual Biology teacher for many young people, in addition to doing his internship at IES Alfonso II within the university master’s degree that he is taking in Oviedo to become a teacher. At 23 years old, he has been making videos for seven years and accumulates 175,000 followers, with around ten million views.

“Look. He’s the boy who explains about mitosis,” listens to the young Virosta, who was born in Alicante although his family has been living in Cantabria for nine years. That is the video that has received the most views of the around eighty that he has made, with 1.3 million hits, on his channel “Flip your learning”. This work, in which he has been immersed in recent years, arose when he was 16: “I had doubts about what I read in the books while I was studying and I began to think that this would happen to more boys.”

“I watched videos to understand certain subjects. A physics and mathematics channel motivated me and I decided to try doing biology material, of which there was little content,” he says. Leonel Virosta affirms that he gave importance to “the visual aspect”, perhaps influenced by his parents, who are theater actors. “I start from the fact that you can tell a story in different ways and I look for the one I like the most,” he adds.

The youtuber tries to “connect” with the students he is addressing and that his “videos are visually attractive”. He works alone to create the audiovisual material that he shares on his YouTube channel, although he acknowledges that the ideal would be to have a team. He emphasizes to Virosta that he spends “many hours recording the videos” because he repeats each sentence until it is as he wants. “He has to convey the emotion that I’m looking for,” he says.

Although he tries to keep the length of the videos to around ten minutes, he admits that over time he tends to make them longer. When Leonel Virosta is recognized in high schools or on the street by young people or teachers, on the one hand he “adds pressure” although he also “motivates”. And, he admits, he serves her in “those moments when we doubt ourselves and whether what we do makes sense.”

The youtuber receives messages from students but also from teachers about those classes he teaches online. “I meet teachers who tell me that they show some of my videos to the students and that motivates them,” he emphasizes.

The young man came to delve into programming and 3D modeling with the aim of improving his audiovisual creations. Leonel Virosta, gifted students who studied High School at home, completed his Cell Biology degree at the University of Manchester, where he enrolled after obtaining a scholarship from the British Council.

Now, he is training in the university master’s degree that will allow him to teach in institutes and does an internship at Alfonso II. His plans go through appearing for the oppositions that will be called within two years and face, without a screen in between, the “challenge of engaging students” in Biology. An objective that he already achieves in his teaching project through the Internet, with a pleasant and detailed explanation. Leonel Virosta intends to continue creating audiovisual material to transmit knowledge while he prepares for the oppositions.