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Theater. A big girl lost in the big world

On her exercise bike, an unusual style, the young woman, hair in the wind (thanks to a fan), pedal, pedal, pedal to lose breath, or a little reason. "My name is Cassandre Archambault," she says. I think life is beautiful, I must be crazy. I have the right to say that life is beautiful? Can I say that? Is it ok to say that? ". Manon Kneusé is this character, born under the pen of Nathalie Fillon, who also signs the staging.

Larger than me, under the title "anatomical solo", is a curious moment, a little arithmetical too, since Cassandre Archambault, who scans and repeats her very pretty name a great many times, insists on the length of her intestines. And on its beautiful size. She also measures, in a moment when she presents herself as naked as the truth, the triangle she draws between the tip of her two breasts and her navel.

A question then arises, is Cassandre Archambault going as well as she says? She tries to dialogue with a polar bear or with Zeus, but it is not conclusive. At times, it is as if she was on the run, and she said, we say precisely, "thirteen kilometers to do". Awake or in a dream. It's still not much to escape while "the National Front threatens, Daech too."

In this ill-defined and touching theatrical object, Manon Kneusé is a little Cassandra. Which, says the actress, "crosses down from her home unhappy people who ask her for help she can not give." The Cassandra of Greek mythology had received from Apollo the gift of reading the future. The one on the stage has lost that power. "Just be right," said she, pedaling, "that I know what to do with me. It's not the causes that are missing, must identify priorities, but damn, there are more than that priorities. Emergencies. And in this chaos, what do I start with? ". The cry of the heart.

Until April 28, Theater du Rond Point, 2 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, Paris VIII. Tel .: 01 44 95 98 21. May 25 in Castelnaudary.


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