Theater Krefeld shows Victoria Bröcker’s four-minute dance video

Theater Krefeld
Dance piece about perception in 241 seconds

In the short film “Immer ist Jetzt” by Victora Bröcker, Victoria Hays dances to a song by the Faroese singer Eivør. A performance that is impossible on stage in front of an audience.

These four minutes are of great importance to Victoria Bröcker. The former dancer, who has worked at Theater Krefeld and Mönchengladbach since 1989 and now works as a stage manager, has fulfilled a dream with her small film project “Immer ist now” in collaboration with video artist Peter Issig. The excursion into the world of dance takes exactly 241 seconds.

“I was always fascinated by the idea of ​​having someone dance between two mirrors and exploring the effect of movement in the endless reflections. This would not be possible on stage because the audience cannot be placed so that the effects are visible. But for a video project that could be implemented well with a few self-made camera devices and cinematic tricks, ”Victoria Bröcker describes her project.

“Always is now” is about how people view themselves, how they show themselves to others, how they think they are seen by others, and what discrepancies exist between these different views and their own feelings. “I think that we all live more or less with these discrepancies and every day it’s about fighting them and tackling life – it’s always now!” Explains Bröcker.

The right cast comes from the theater’s own company. Victoria Bröcker says: “In Victoria Hay I have found a versatile, intelligent artist who harmonizes perfectly with the strong female voice of Eivør.” Victoria Hay dances to the song “I Tokuni” by the Faroese singer Eivør.

“Always is now” can currently be seen on the digital channels of Theaters Krefeld and Mönchengladbach.



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