Theater of the absurd … Pentagon demands that Russia explain the troops in Russian territory

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* / There is some theater of the absurd in the North American and European position. Only it is far from fun. It is menacingly degraded. / *

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin performed an impressive – if pathetic – mental gymnastics this week. During a press conference, the Pentagon chief demanded that Russia be more transparent about troop movements “on the border with Ukraine.” In other words, on Russian territory.

Meanwhile, you can see the absurd hypocrisy when we see NATO and US forces openly escalate their offensive presence on Russia’s borders, especially in the Black Sea region.

Here is a dispatch from the Associated Press agency….

on the Pentagon press conference: “US officials are not quite sure why President Vladimir Putin is accumulating military forces near the border with eastern Ukraine, but they see this as another example of troubling troop movements demanding an explanation of part of Moscow, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin pointed out last Wednesday. “

The dispatch quotes Austin as saying: “We will continue to ask Russia to act responsibly and be more transparent about the troop build-up near the Ukrainian border… We are not exactly sure what Mr. Putin is doing.”

This dubious gymnastic ability to manipulate the mind and double meaning are shared by other members of the Biden government. Last week, the top US diplomat, Antony Blinken, declared that Russia was about to invade Ukraine but at the same time the US Secretary of State demonstrated a similar ignorance about “what Mr. Putin is doing.”

How would it be possible to engage in meaningful dialogue with such empty people who are supposed to be government leaders – and also leaders of the most powerful and brilliant self-proclaimed nation in the world? – I don’t mean to offend, but I think it probably would be. more productive to engage in a dialogue with the confusing characters of Samuel Beckett in the absurd play entitled “Waiting for Godot.”

Repeatedly Russia has dismissed all accusations that it threatens to invade Ukraine and any other country. Moscow also rejects “unreliable” information agitated by the Biden government and the European press about the accumulation of troops near Ukraine’s western border flank. Western press reports have relied on dubious reports from evasive commercial satellites purporting to show Russian military maneuvers. How despicable it is that senior leaders of the US government make serious accusations against Russia on the basis of such slimy sources. That in itself speaks volumes about the deterioration of Washington’s diplomatic professionalism and political intelligence.

On the other hand, the salient fact that is being ignored in the scandal is the following:

Russian troops and their equipment are on sovereign Russian territory. It is already the highest degree of absurdity that US officials demand that Russia “explain” and also be “more transparent” about its own national defenses.

This explains the hyper arrogance that exists among American politicians, which is distorting their own ability to think reasonably.

Here’s an analogy to a claim this week in the wake of the successful Russian missile test against an orbiting satellite since Soviet times. The Biden government condemned Russia for creating “space junk” and bringing weapons to outer space while ignoring the fact that the United States previously carried out the same type of missile attack and is allegedly trying to carry weapons into space. abroad since the Reagan administration with its “Star Wars” program during the 1980s.

In any case, the United States accuses Russia of accumulating troops on its own territory and it becomes even more ridiculous when we see the real increase in NATO forces in Ukraine and in the Black Sea region – right on the threshold of the Russia gate.

In a major speech this week at Russia’s Foreign Ministry, President Vladimir Putin once again noted that Western powers have persistently failed to heed Moscow’s concerns about their national security in the wake of the expansion of NATO forces along the Russian borders. Putin described ……

this cognitive inability of something that should be an obvious claim as “very peculiar.”

The Kremlin has suggested that NATO’s growing offensive presence near Russia’s borders is not due to stupidity but rather is aimed at provoking a conflict. Russia is strenuously busily – resisting the danger of an armed confrontation and yet the provocation continues.

About two weeks ago, CIA chief William Burns paid a high-profile visit to Moscow during which he held talks with senior Kremlin officials including President Putin. We can safely assume that Burns was unambiguously informed that the build-up of US and NATO forces near Russian territory is a red line that heralds a response from Russia.

But these red lines continue to be brushed against by Washington and its NATO allies.

Extremely puzzling are also the moves by the US-backed Kiev regime to escalate the conflict in Ukraine against the ethnic Russian population of the breakaway Donbas region. The ultra-nationalist regime has been conducting a low-intensity war against the Donbas since the US-backed coup in Kiev in 2014. The United States and other NATO powers are increasing supplies of weapons and instructors. military for the regime, emboldening it to reject any peaceful settlement of the conflict that has already lasted eight years.

Just a month ago, Pentagon chief Austin was in Kiev where he blatantly supported Ukraine’s entry into the NATO bloc. This despite numerous warnings from Moscow that such a move would be an unacceptable destabilization.

Increased NATO war maneuvers in the Black Sea region are inevitably leading the Kiev regime to renounce the commitments legally made in the 2015 Minsk Peace Accords – agreements managed by Russia, Germany and France. .

The publication this week of….

The diplomatic statements of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov clearly show that Germany and France are complicit in turning a blind eye to the systematic violations of the Minsk Accords by the Kiev regime.

In this context, Russia is justified and deeply suspicious – jaded by a confrontation stemming from powder keg conditions in Ukraine and the Black Sea.

Given the tragic history of the Russian nation’s suffering due to past military invasions, it is entirely understandable and indeed vitally prudent for the country to have its formidable defenses on high alert.

It is not for Russia to explain its troops. It is incumbent on the United States and its NATO partners to account for their treacherous aggression and desist.

There is some theater of the absurd in the North American and European position. But that something is far from fun. It is menacingly degraded.

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