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Theater. This boy I love was a girl I loved

Thionville (Moselle), special envoy.

On the empty board, delimited by many costumes and accessories, high school students move in their rooms, at parents' house, at a school, at a music festival, at a party … In short, these teenagers are like everyone else. Evan Placey, who in 2014 wrote the text Pronom played since then throughout England and now in France, imagined natural, banal, ordinary, that is to say, beautiful, sensitive and intelligent. Guillaume Doucet, host of the company Vertigo and director, has retained the character of these characters, too happy, he said, to have found a text corresponding to his approach. Namely, speak to young people, talk about young people, but with the language of truth. "Making" young being in life in general and the theater in particular a guarantee of corny, even ridiculous, it was necessary to find the right tone and grammar. And here, it is possible to speak of a faultless.

Parents, friends, boyfriend are now confronted with this reality …

Ever since, Dean (until then Isabella) did not feel comfortable in her girl's body. She / he has decided to change sex. To have surgery, especially so that his body envelope looks like him. Parents, friends, boyfriend are now confronted with this reality. The opportunity for the author as for the actors to avoid all cream pies, like "you're not my child, I chase you" or relegation by a panicked entourage. Here, everyone seeks to understand. And all express themselves with justice, naivety or baldness, without morality and without rejection. Because the approach, let's say it, is as artistic as militant. For proof, the poster of the show, which takes up the cover of the magazine National Geographic of January 2017. The American edition, with a nice photo of a character as romantic as it is ambiguous, titrated in roughly "Gender Revolution", whereas the same edition in French language proposed instead a photo of Moscow and this title "Special Russia". Only a line relegated to a corner announced the subject: "Transgender, what science says. This is called self-censorship. "This coverage is particularly representative of the path that remains to be done here," says Guillaume Doucet. In the room, in any case, the message passes. Without accident, the situation seems natural. This is evidenced by the behavior of the audience at a Pronom presentation at the Nest festival in Thionville. Josh, the boy who says "I'm not gay," Dean's ex-boyfriend, is still in love with him. And it is a wet-eyed room that began to applaud their kiss, so natural is this rapprochement. Beyond gender, appearance. A cheerful slap in response to acts and other unbecoming behaviors that make suicides "young homosexuals or whose gender identity is out of the norm" are increasing in France today. The actors, who play the roles of the various characters around Dean and Josh, have found the tone, never didactic, to bring laughter into the reflection, without passing judgment. Géraud Cayla, Jeanne Lazar, Marie Levy, Guillaume Trotignon, Morgane Vallée, Chloé Vivarès and Glenn Marausse are just from start to finish.


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