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Theater. Uncertain celebration and troubled universe

They find themselves in a posh restaurant, somewhere in a European city. Lambert and Julie celebrate the anniversary of their wedding and they invited Matt and Prue. Originality, the two boys are brothers, the two girls are sisters. Another duo is installed a little further, to celebrate the promotion of the man. Added to this are the tenants of the place, here two ladies, and an original waiter, in kilt, who takes advantage of the slightest flaw to tell the adventures as false as uninspired by his grandfather. Harold Pinter (Nobel of literature in 2005), which was the last piece, written in 1999, handles with jubilation the absurd of situations. There is never talk of talking to say nothing, but the said is not necessarily loaded with the expected meaning. In this universe, Quentin Dassy, ​​Francesca Diprima, Léa Fratta, Faustine Koziel, Orane Pelletier, Garion Raygade, Ulysse Reynaud, Marco Santos and Florence Vidal take up the challenge. Short musical passages come, like commas, to allow breaths between two scenes. "I want to make the coldness of the situations of Pinter and Italian music (Paolo Conte) coexist in order to disrupt the tracks as to the location of this restaurant", explains Jules Audry, who says he wants to continue "the search for a aesthetics of kitsch and remembrance in the mixture of aesthetic references ".

A meal that takes on the air of a disturbing farce

In solidarity with Pinter, he dissects with delight the vulgarity, the verbal and physical roughness, and the heavy foolishness of a bourgeoisie working in finance and its back-shops. This meal, which takes on the appearance of an ominous joke, sometimes with its head dipped in plates filled with white flour, sometimes with dance steps revealing sexual urgencies, is transformed into a shipwreck. Not because of the actors, exact in the millimeter excess, nor the staging, which modulates the situations, nor text of course. The sinking sketched is that of a society of dominants, their debauchery in an indefinite country. Pinter, who has never been stingy with frank criticisms of Margaret Thatcher's government; who denounced the invasion of Afghanistan, the Gulf War, the dictatorship of Pinochet or liberalism, bangs hard and gives himself here to heart joy. A tasty recreation. G. R.


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