Theater – Würzburg – Further problems with the renovation of the Mainfranken Theater – Bavaria

Würzburg (dpa / lby) – The renovation of the Mainfranken Theater in Würzburg is becoming a game of patience. Because the house and an architect’s office from Hamburg will part ways at the end of the year, the end of construction will in all likelihood be further delayed. This was announced by the managing theater director Dirk Terwey on Tuesday. The “Main-Post” had previously reported on the recent problems. According to the first plans, the main theater building should be reopened this year, now it could be four years later.

The management of the architect’s office is currently reorganizing itself due to economic difficulties in self-administration, wrote Terwey. As a result, many of the planning services that are still required could no longer be provided. New procurement procedures are now necessary.

The costs are likely to increase as well. In 2018, 72 million euros were estimated. Now there are at least 103 million euros in the room – and the trend is rising, but not yet foreseeable.

The theater that is to be converted into a state theater is a major construction site. It has been closed since summer 2020 so that the house, built in 1966, can be renovated. There will also be a new small venue – there are also delays here. The Kleine Haus was originally scheduled to open in autumn 2020. “We are currently confident that this will succeed this fall.”

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