Their child is called “Jihad”, a judge renames him “Jahid”


He has changed his name since Friday, April 13: Jihad is now called Jahid. According to Franceinfo , a family court judge from Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) ruled in favor of the name Jahid in relation to Jihad, first name chosen by the parents of the child, born August 2, 2017 in Léguevin, west of Toulouse. Questioned by this choice, the registrar had alerted the town hall, which had seized the public prosecutor. This decision was made under Article 57 of the Civil Code which states that, if the parents are free to give any name to their child, this should not be against his interests.
Can the civil status refuse a first name?
The answer is no. The only constraint? A circular of 2014 which specifies that the first names can only include the characters used by the French alphabet. Exit for example the tilde, used in Spain, or even the apostrophe, dear to the Bretons. On the other hand, the administration, if it considers that the first name is contrary to the law, can seize the public prosecutor. This is a posteriori control, and the registrar must record the first name or names chosen by the parents. What the law says ? As provided in article 57 of the Civil Code: “When these first names or one of them, alone or associated with the other first names or the name, appear contrary to the interests of the child or the right of third parties to to see their family name protected, the civil registrar immediately informs the public prosecutor, who can refer the case to the family court. ” The judge can then decide to delete the disputed Christian name (s) and to assign a new surname to the child.


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