then the bad weather alarm goes off, scary MAPS for Sunday 4th and Monday 5th July

Italy is experiencing an exceptionally hot third decade of June due to a persistent current flow from the heart of the Sahara towards the central Mediterranean and the Balkans. Temperatures have been hot for over a week now, with daily peaks of more than that +40°C on the Central / Southern Regions. This extreme heat will last two more days, which are the last two of the month: Tuesday 29 e Wednesday 30 June.

Gives Thursday 1 July the second month of the meteorological summer 2021 will begin, and the situation will drastically change. Temperatures will begin to decrease throughout Italy, with strong thunderstorms first only in the Northern Regions and in particular in the Alpine area, but subsequently in extension also elsewhere. Friday 2 we will have the first extreme phenomena in the North / East, especially in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, but the bad weather it will intensify over the weekend and above all Sunday 4th July, when very violent storms will occur in the North. Phenomena that Monday 5 they will also hit the Center / South. The latest model updates make an impression, outlining prospects of heavy rains and storms accompanied by hail and tornadoes. The thermal contrasts between the cold air arriving from Northern Europe and the latent heat in the lower layers after two fiery weeks, will trigger particularly extreme weather events on our country. Maximum attention.

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