There are 2 life-saving measures to prevent stroke

Stroke can be prevented if you carry out the necessary checks and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is always recommended to carry out regular control tests, such as blood sugar and cholesterol. Also, There are 2 life-saving measures to prevent stroke. In fact, it is not sufficient to measure only the pressure as is normally done, but another measurement must be performed together.

There are 2 life-saving measures to prevent stroke

You need to measure your blood pressure correctly as shown in our guide: How to measure blood pressure correctly at home before communicating it to your doctor. In addition, atrial fibrillation must also be measured.

It is also important to measure the pressure on both arms to determine on which arm to measure it. While atrial fibrillation is usually not controlled. Or, check only when you go to the doctor. Unfortunately, that’s not enough, as atrial fibrillation could be paroxysmal.

This means that it is intermittent and therefore, may not be present during the doctor’s visit.

And this is why it is recommended that atrial fibrillation be monitored constantly and continuously.

How to check for atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation consists of a cardiac arrhythmia, therefore, an irregular heartbeat. New generation blood pressure monitors usually measure atrial fibrillation as well.

Also note that heart rhythm abnormalities are more common in adults. People with atrial fibrillation have a higher risk of stroke.

If you do not have a self-reading meter, to check your heart rate you need to perform the following steps:

a) rest for five minutes;

b) hold the hand with the palm upwards by slightly bending the elbow;

c) you have to place the index and middle fingers of the other hand on the wrist by applying light pressure.

Finally, with a watch count the heartbeats for thirty seconds and multiply them by two to get the right heart rate.

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