There are 393 million firearms in circulation in the United States — Friday

Even after the mass murder in Uvalde, Texas, there is no end in sight to the American love affair with pistols, revolvers and rifles, even if only a minority of the population goes along with it. The topic is high on the agenda in the USA. But everyday politics favors gun owners. Hopes that such a horrific crime would turn the tide were not fulfilled – again.

The predominantly white and male minority, as the core force of the Republican Party, has enough influence to thwart reforms. The party arouses fear of “illegals”, Black Lives Matter activists and more: Of course you need guns. For their lovers, these are not just instruments with which they can have fun at the shooting range, while hunting, shooting beer cans off the wall and keeping criminals at bay. Firearms are patriotic, symbols of freedom, they are at the heart of what it means to be American. People can protect themselves and their families.

A few days after the massacre in Uvalde – the 19 murdered children and two teachers were not yet buried – thousands of members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) gathered in Houston for the annual meeting to protest against allegedly threatened restrictions and for the “fundamental fight for the human right to own guns.

Donald Trump and the NRA warn against communists and socialists

NRA member Donald Trump was there. The people gathered are the backbone of the country, he said. You need armed personnel in every school. If the US had $40 billion for Ukraine, it should have enough for the kids, Trump said. Very important from the point of view of the gun owners, who like to feel like victims: Politicians who call for more gun control are elitist. They traveled the country with armed bodyguards, but wanted to make gun ownership more difficult for ordinary people. The rich lived in gated villas. It is well-known that the billionaire and former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is a big donor to gun control.

According to the Small Arms Survey research group, there are around 393 million firearms in circulation in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 45,222 people were killed by firearms in 2020 – in crimes, suicides and accidents.

The NRA people don’t feel responsible, quite the contrary. Criminals are criminals who always get their hands on guns. Americans use their guns for self-defense about a million times a year. Opponents of gun restrictions in Congress and in the states can rest assured that calls for greater gun safety and control will soon level off, as they have in the past. And that for gun lovers, guns will always be a priority.

Speakers at the NRA meeting warned: Democrats, Communists and Socialists want to take the guns away from righteous America. The sparked debate is also based on an urban-rural conflict. The US Senate, with its two senators per state, is designed in such a way that the sparsely populated, white and rural, mostly Republican-governed states have a disproportionate amount of power. The gun problem is also a democracy problem.