There are actions we take almost daily that could increase the risk of heart attack

There are some habits that should definitely be eliminated. In fact, some actions that we believe harmless or that we do not even realize we are taking, can harm our health. These are such common gestures and behaviors, however, that they often go unnoticed. But we should really pay more attention to our well-being and to protecting our bodies. For example, there are some habits that should be reduced to a minimum and today we want to explain in detail why.

There are actions we take almost daily that could increase the risk of heart attack

Researchers at McMaster University have focused on patients who have had a heart attack. And above all they analyzed the mood of the people 24 hours before the event. In the study in question it was very easy to notice that there were feelings and actions that most people who had this problem shared. And, above all, it was clearly seen that there were in particular certain emotions that could lead to a heart attack. And in particular there are actions that we perform almost daily and that could increase the risk of heart attack.

Here’s what can cause this problem and how to try to avoid it

Let’s start by saying that a heart attack can have an infinite number of causes and that above all it can depend on many things. These include improper nutrition, for example, or some cardiovascular problems. More importantly, it appears that stress was leading people to this event. Moreover, incredible to say, 9.1% were engaged in the previous day in physical exercises that were too heavy and, in this way, the heart did not hold up. Not to mention the emotions, from sadness to uncontrolled anger.

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This type of sensations, in fact, which we experience almost every day, could represent a risk. Many of us don’t even realize we have these habits. In fact, many think that the body can withstand more than the effort it actually supports. And others, on the other hand, are convinced that emotions, such as anger or sadness, have no impact. Instead, we should minimize all of these actions to protect our health.


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