There are already more people recovered than those with active COVID-19 pictures

After modifying the way in which it counts discharges for COVID-19, the Ministry of Health of the Nation added more than 60 thousand cases to this category yesterday. In this way, 70 percent of the infections confirmed so far in the country came to be considered as recovered cases of the disease.

During the epidemiological report on COVID-19 that the Ministry of Health provides every morning, the Undersecretary of Health Strategies, Alejandro Costa, reported yesterday that the total number of people who stopped being infected are 170,109: 61,867 more than in the previous report. This growth in patients who were discharged permanently affected the numbers of people with ongoing infection: while on Saturday there were 129,046 active pictures, yesterday they were reduced to 71,784.

“The discharges that we usually call ‘recovered’ and that are reported through the National Health Surveillance System have two channels of information and notification to the community. One of them is the discharges of hospitalized patients, which are reported by each of the institutions and communicated at the population level. Then we have outpatients, mild cases, which the system automatically reports discharge ten days after the date of onset of symptoms, “explained Costa.

“The epidemiology team has reviewed the databases at the national level and in those cases in which the dates of onset of symptoms were not determined in the National Health Surveillance System, the date of notification of the cases was taken and The same period of ten days was used, in mild cases, to notify them as in discharge condition. This means that as of today (yesterday), we report as recovered 61,867, 170,109 in total, which represents 70.04% of confirmed cases, “the Health official explained.


Another 84 people died and 4,688 were diagnosed with coronavirus yesterday in Argentina, bringing the death to 4,606 and 246,499 infected since the start of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health reported today. 80.56% of the last confirmed infections correspond to the City and the province of Buenos Aires, according to the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

In this context, the health portfolio detailed that 1,565 are interned in intensive care units, with a percentage of occupancy of adult beds of 56.8% in the country and 66.7% in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.

The evening report stated that 50 men died, 33 residents in the province of Buenos Aires; 14 in the City of Buenos Aires; 1 in the province of Córdoba; 1 in the province of Mendoza and 1 in the province of Santa Fe; and 34 women; 24 in the province of Buenos Aires; 7 in the City of Buenos Aires; 1 in the province of La Rioja and 2 in Córdoba.

Of the total infected, 1,131 (0.5%) are imported, 65,737 (26.7%) close contacts of confirmed cases, 139,746 (56.7%) cases of community circulation and the rest are under epidemiological investigation.

Yesterday 2,904 cases were registered in the province of Buenos Aires; in the City of Buenos Aires, 873; Chaco, 66; Chubut, 21; in Córdoba, 205; in Corrientes, 6; Entre Ríos, 77; in Formosa, 1; Jujuy, 73; in La Rioja, 3; in Mendoza, 108; in Misiones, 3; Neuquén, 29; in Río Negro, 62; in Salta, 46; in San Luis, 1; Santa Cruz, 41; in Santa Fe, 87; in Santiago del Estero, 20; Tierra del Fuego, 37 and in Tucumán 26.

The total accumulated by district indicates that the province of Buenos Aires adds 151,264 cases; the City of Buenos Aires, 70,056; Catamarca, 62; Chaco, 4,069; Chubut, 348; Cordoba, 3,512; Corrientes, 213; Entre Ríos, 1,164; Formosa, 83; Jujuy, 3,427; La Pampa, 178; La Rioja, 516; Mendoza, 2,150; Missions, 52; Neuquen, 1,465; Río Negro, 2,903; Jump, 585; San Juan, 22; San Luis, 34; Santa Cruz, 748; Santa Fe, 2,136; Santiago del Estero, 134; Tierra del Fuego, 986, and Tucumán, 392.


La Plata yesterday registered a new death and another 125 confirmed infections of coronavirus, with which there are already 69 deaths and 4,956 cases in the City. This was indicated last night by the official report of the Municipality, and the Situation Room of the Ministry of Health of the Province in its latest update.

70% of the confirmed cases in the country were considered recovered

Of the total number of cases registered so far in La Plata, 1,788 remain active and 3,099 were discharged; while there are another 1,368 under investigation. Regarding the deceased, the official statistics indicate that the majority of them (24.6%) were between 60 and 69 years old, followed by the bands between 80 and 89 years (23.1%), and between 70 and 79 years ( 18.8%) and those over 90 years of age (17.3%).

For its part, the Municipality of Berisso reported 6 new confirmed cases of coronavirus yesterday, thus reaching a total of 709. Of these, 248 are active, 444 were discharged and 17 died. The new infections registered yesterday in Berisso correspond to five women (two of them, 62 and 82 years old, are hospitalized) and a man.

On the Ensenada side, the Municipality reported 4 new infections last night, thus adding a total of 366 confirmed: 116 active, 243 recovered and 7 deceased.


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