There are more active cases because more tests are applied: Sheinbaum

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The head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum considered that the increase in the number of active cases, has to do with that more tests of covid-19 are being done in the city.

This, after questioning him if he is not concerned that the figure may translate into a greater number of hospitalized and intubated people ?, because the capital concentrates seven thousand 108 active cases of covid-19, a figure that has increased in recent days.

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It has been increasing -the number of active cases- because we are doing more tests, it is evident that if they do more tests, there will be a greater number of active cases. There is an indicator that interests us a lot: the indicator of positivity, particularly, the positivity of the tests carried out in health centers outside hospitals, obviously if you do tests in hospitals, because the positivity will be very high because they are people with serious respiratory diseases, most of them, and if they arrived at a hospital because the positivity is going to be higher, they are more likely to have Covid ”, explained Sheinbaum Pardo.

Regarding the report that was released yesterday, which revealed that there was a “excess mortality” in Mexico City with 17 thousand deaths between April and June, the local president commented that this information is collected from the Civil Registry.

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There, indeed, there are much more deaths than had been reported. Until the month of June there are around 17 thousand, and in addition, there is another part that corresponds to people, mainly from the State of Mexico, who died in Mexico City, ”he explained.

He announced that on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, he will release a graph of “how we had a very large increase -of deaths- in the month of May and in the month of June and then there is a very, very important decrease, it is In other words, the number of unfortunate deaths in the city have decreased in a very important way, which has to do with the decrease in infections, but they also have to do with the early care that has been given in hospitals. “

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