“There are no misfortunes, no moving, no fraud” – Anita Deutsch and Ottó Kinizsi said a happy yes 18 years ago

Anita Deutsch and Ottó Kinizsi have been forming a party for 20 years and were married 18 years ago. Although many have not predicted a long relationship for them due to the 8 years between them, the star has denied it and thanks them nicely, they are fine.

Among the Friends, the former stars have recently celebrated the age of their marriage, as it has been 18 years since they said a blissful yes. Otto betrayed that relations to this day are harmonious.

“We’ve got this age difference thing many times, but we love each other, there are no misfortunes, no moving, no cheating … Nowadays it’s rare for couples to live together for 18 years. Obviously we have things too, but they come from our nature rather than the age difference For example, I can’t relax if I have unfinished work, and that’s not uncommon. The director told Blikk.

“It was Anita’s surprise that we went to an escape room, and as it turned out, the place used to be the restaurant where we kept our lagzink. We just sat in and looked at how much everything had changed and how fast the years had flown away.” Otto said.

The director of the audience last time a Dancing with the Stars-ban they could see it, and from February 1st works as a creative producerat the TV2 Group’s creative team.