there are no more funds

According to some news agencies, the government has no intention of extending the Superbonus to 110%, a measure for which the funds made available have already run out.

The government would be against extending the terms for the Superbonus to 110%. At least this is what emerges from majority sources, reported by press agencies. In view of the resumption of voting in the Budget and Finance Committee in Montecitorio, the amendments that ask for more time to take advantage of the benefit have begun to arrive. But the government would have expressed an opinion against everyone. The reason behind the executive’s no is simple: there would be no more resources available to once again extend the measure put in place by the Five Star Movement during the pandemic.

According to the latest report by Aeneas, published on the website of the Chamber of Deputies, requests for 33.7 billion euros have already been made. Basically all the funds planned for this year. It is therefore clear that additional funding will be needed to cover all requests. But the government, in fact, would not be in favor of new extensions of the measure. After all, Mario Draghi himself has never hidden his aversion to the measure: “We do not agree on the validity of the 110% Superbonus, the efficiency cost has more than tripled. The prices of the necessary investments have more than tripled, because this removes the incentive to negotiate“, he said speaking at the plenary of the European Parliament.

In the meantime, the Revenue Agency published a maxi circular on 23 June containing various clarifications on the Superbonus. Who can benefit from it, the types of building concerned, the expenses allowed in the deduction. Despite the unknown what the government will do, whether in the end it will grant a further extension or not, it is still possible to apply. But concern is growing, with citizens who fear that they will have to pay for the work out of their own pockets or that these, when resources are exhausted, may remain unfinished.