There are piers for swimmers and birds in Milada

There are 16 moles along the south bank. Closer to Roudnice beach, there are four easier ones for birds to rest and eight with fences and huts hidden behind the reeds for quiet nesting of terns.

Birds nesting

The last four ecomoles are temporarily located on the water surface at the south beach, from where they will later be transported to a final location on the lake surface.
“We ask visitors to the lake not to enter the eco-mine as close as possible to them, so as not to disturb the nesting of birds,” Walter Fiedler, director of PKÚ, told ČTK.

There are floating piers in the form of boards available to visitors and they are in various places on the lake. The closest for visitors from Ústí is one pier at Trmická beach. Electricity, water and sewer connections are also being built there. Tourists will get to the parking lot after a short detour.

The lake opened to the public five years ago and has gained a large number of supporters since then. The state-owned company is gradually building the background. In June, the PKÚ announced an international landscape-urban-architectural competition, from which the future final appearance of the lake surroundings is to emerge.

Visitors to the lake notice the improvement of the environment and services. “It’s great here and it will be even better when all the plans are completed,” said a young couple Petr and Pavlína, who arrived at the lake with children from nearby Teplice.

The lake and its surroundings are used for recreational and sports purposes (swimming, swimming, yachting, cycling routes, roller skates, jogging, horseback riding) not only for the inhabitants of Ústí nad Labem and its surroundings.

Cycling circuits

In 2006, the Voluntary Association of Municipalities of Lake Milada was established with the intention of managing and accepting the lake with the surrounding lands in an acceptable tourist way. So far, three tourist and cycling circuits have been implemented, named after the villages, which were demolished due to lignite mining: Otovický (10.9 km), Tuchomyšlský (10.4 km) and Vyklický (9.2 km). Furthermore, an educational trail was implemented and beaches were built.

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