There is a big public viewing in Freiburg for the DFB Cup final – Freiburg

When SC Freiburg is in the DFB Cup final on May 21, there will be a fan mile in Freiburg with a giant screen. Up to 15,000 fans can follow the game at the trade fair.

As Karoevent managing director Christoph Rmmler announced on BZ request on Tuesday evening, the event should run under the title “Edeka fan mile”. And you could also see it as SC Freiburg’s official DFB Cup party: “SC is fully behind it”.

You can’t expect more commitment to local events from the sports club anyway, because, as the club announced on Monday, it’s practically going to Berlin with man and mouse. That’s why, says Rmmler, both the old and the new SC stadium were canceled as venues from the outset, “because nobody from the club is there at all.” The Eschholzpark – public viewing location from 2006 – was also considered, but the city was not enthusiastic about it.

80 square meter screen on a truck

So now the fair. Rmmler expects around 10,000 spectators, that’s a conservative calculation, but maybe 15,000. Both orders of magnitude can easily be managed on the site and the trade fair is now well connected in terms of transport. The giant television that the crowd needs is mounted on a semi-trailer truck and is driven there from Vienna. “It will be a gigantic full HD LED screen with over 80 square meters,” says Rmmler. For comparison: the last mass football viewing at the trade fair in 2016 used a 43 square meter screen, which in 2014 on the Strabag site on Heinrich-von-Stephan-Strasse had 34 square meters.

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On May 21st, Rammler wants to open the gates at 4 pm and then offer a pre-program, the broadcaster Baden.FM will take over the stage show as a co-organiser. From 7 p.m. the live broadcast from Berlin will be shown on the screen, with kick-off at 8 p.m. They are still planning, some things are still not concrete, he says – because the idea is young: Thursday last week they first considered organizing an event for the finale. Karoevent will have to spend about 120,000 euros for the public viewing, which the organizer wants to bring in by renting gastro stands and sponsoring. Not about admission: Access to the site should cost 3 euros, as a security fee, with which the fans contribute to the financing of the security forces. Rmmler believes that 50 to 55 security guards will be needed.

Reception for those returning from Berlin?

It is still unclear whether a municipal reception for the SC footballers could also take place in the public viewing arena on the following Sunday. There have been initial talks about this, says Rmmler. In the town hall, it is currently only said that there are several options under consideration.

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