“There is a lot to suggest that the rider has lost his nerve”

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Created: 09/22/2022, 09:30 am

Von: Volker Camehn


Dressage must function without violence. Symbol photo: Jan Woitas/dpa © Jan Woitas

A fine of 1,500 euros and a three-month ban – this is what the disciplinary committee of the Bavarian Riding and Driving Association (BRFV) advocates in the case of a professional rider who is said to have beaten his horse with a crop at a dressage tournament in Brunnthal.

Brunnthal – Three months ban means: He is not allowed to take part in tournaments during this time. On September 14th the association summoned nine witnesses and the rider, the verdict came after a meeting lasting several hours.

The specialist magazine “St. Georg” also quotes the Coburg lawyer and chairman of the proceedings, Eckart Staritz, as saying: “In essence, we regarded the allegations as proven. There is a lot to suggest that the rider lost his nerve because the horse didn’t go backwards.” In addition, it had to be shown “that this is not possible. That’s why we imposed a regulatory measure. If he does that again, he’s not fit to ride.” And: “There was nothing wrong with the horse. It didn’t bleed and, according to the judges, went through the test with ease,” continued the Staritz magazine. “It wasn’t serious abuse, he didn’t beat the animal for minutes.” He punished the horse and behaved “unhorsemanly”. But it’s not a crime. “And we don’t want that. That’s totally wrong. You have to react to such behavior with a regulatory measure. However, it must be appropriate.”

Riding professional denies the allegations

The professional rider denies the allegations. Rather, it can be heard that he suspects a targeted campaign. However, he has the opportunity to appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Committee. A request for a statement from the Munich Merkur, which knows the name of the rider, has so far remained unanswered.

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