there is a month to avoid chaos-

In July, Rome risks a new waste emergency, while with the gradual return to normal, the garbage bags begin to pile up again in front of the overflowing bins. After the closure of the Tmb Salario, the mechanical-biological treatment plant destroyed by a fire in 2018, and the delay in adopting a plan for the closure of the cycle, so far we have opted for transport and disposal outside the Municipality in virtue of onerous agreements that raise the costs of the service. The strategy, however, is no longer feasible either because of the unavailability of other territories to accept the garbage of the Romans, or because of the hard battle between the Capitol and the Region.

In a month, on June 30, Emilia-Romagna will stop receiving 200 tons per day of unsorted waste treated in Malagrotta, despite the tariff of 177 euros per ton, almost double what it would cost in Lazio. If Virginia Raggi’s administration does not find alternative outlets, the entire supply chain will suffer: the most visible and disturbing effect will be the piles of garbage on the ground. Within a month, the Municipality plans to purchase a Tmb already in operation (the expression of interest will be published shortly): private individuals operating in the sector, in addition to meeting the technical requirements, must propose themselves considering the offer attractive. In the meantime, Ama, the municipal waste management company, is about to buy land for the construction of another table shredder, an operation that takes longer. But the most controversial node, reason for clash with the Region, is the service landfill that Rome should identify within its borders: sensitive issue for the ecological soul of the Five Star Movement, even more in the election campaign. After the rejection by the TAR of the ordinance-ultimatum of the governor Nicola Zingaretti, the Region has relaunched with a warning: if within 60 days the Municipality does not present the plant plan, the substitute powers or the commissioner will take effect. From Palazzo Senatorio, however, they build a wall and ask for the intervention of the prefect.

May 30, 2021 (change May 30, 2021 | 22:35)