There is a photo of the full emergency emergency room announcement, this is the answer from the Director of the Sleman Hospital…, SLEMAN- The Director of the Sleman Hospital, Cahya Purnama, finally spoke up regarding the circulation of photos of the announcement of the Sleman Hospital Emergency Room which was closed to accept Covid-19 patients.

To Daily JogjaThe former Secretary of the Sleman Health Service (Dinkes) said that a few days after the Covid-19 case had increased, the state-owned hospital was preparing a ward (Ward Kenanga) to add beds for Covid-19 patients.

The temporary closure was carried out more on the problem of managing Covid-19 patients and the ability of existing human resources. In the end, the management also implemented an open-close option for the emergency room service.

“For the ER that opens and closes, it is the ER for respiratory infections. Like Covid, while for the non-covid ER for trauma such as traffic accidents, we can still accept it,” said Cahya, Sunday (27/6/2021).

He explained that at this time the Sleman Hospital was preparing the Kenanga Ward for the Covid-19 isolation room. The policy to close the emergency room was taken, continued Cahya, because the hospital had limited human resources and oxygen supply. “But because hospitals have a social function, we have to keep trying [membuka layanan], “said Cahya.

When asked about the availability of oxygen, Cahya admitted that the supply was limited. It’s just that the current condition of oxygen supply is safe. “For oxygen, it was previously limited, but thank God we can still try every day. Today we can supply O2 from Samator. So O2 can still be met,” said Cahya.

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To deal with the problem of limited health personnel serving Covid-19, he continued, management redistribution of personnel between wards and polyclinics. “It is the young ones that we prioritize to look after in the Covid ward. For the availability of health workers at the RSUD at this time, thank God, it is still sufficient,” he said.

BOR 95%

Asked about the occupancy of beds for Covid-19 patients, Cahya said, currently out of 39 beds there are 37 COVID-19 patients being treated or only two beds are left. So, said Cahya, the BOR (bed occupancy rate) in the hospital currently reaches 95%.

To deal with the availability and need for beds for Covid-19 patients, the Sleman Hospital also issued a policy. “For If the patient is in the isolation ward, if he has improved, we immediately ask him to self-isolate at home or continue to be isolated in the shelter. That way, we can use the room again for patients with moderate to severe symptoms,” he said.

Cahya hopes that the public does not need to worry or worry about not getting services from the Sleman Hospital. Management continues to prioritize service to the community with policies that have been prepared according to current conditions. “Please help to explain to the public them, so that people are not getting restless with the current condition. Later it can lower the immune system,” said Cahya.

Previously, the Sleman Hospital had issued an announcement that the emergency room of the hospital did not serve Covid-19 patients because the emergency room was full of patients. Regarding the accumulation of patients in the ER, the Head of the Sleman Health Service (Dinkes) Joko Hastaryo confirmed.

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However, Joko said that the announcement that was only posted on the parking board was controversial. “My clarification is that the COVID ward at the Sleman Hospital is full, including the emergency room. It’s the same as other hospitals in DIY. Only the announcement is controversial. Hopefully starting today it will be released,” said Joko.