“There is a supergnocca”. Insults and sexism: the professor of Medicine betrayed by the online lesson

The first victim is a student who is about to take the exam. The teacher thinks he is not being listened to and, turning to one of his assistants, says: “How much is I on the c … this one”. While another candidate is speaking, he whispers: “What a turnaround of c ….”. Swear words and offensive expressions that he also addresses to an administrative employee who, he says, “sent me the list” and to one of student representatives Emanuele Rollo, guilty of having asked for compliance with the regulations. “These recommendations, politicized” some of the insults addressed to the exponent of associations. There is no lack of appreciation for a student. When he sees the profile, registered on the platform, of the candidate who is about to take the test, the professor exclaims: “There is a supergnocca here”.

Phrases that, with the online procedure, were inevitably

recorded and that the professor, the students believe, thought he was saying, without anyone listening to him. It went differently and now Cortellazzi who teaches at the University of Bari but heads the maxillofacial surgery department at the Miulli hospital in Acquaviva will have to defend himself from the accusations that the student representatives have formalized in a letter sent among others to the rector. “This attitude – reads the letter – is outrageous, not only during an exam, which is the moment of maximum verification of learning, but also towards the whole academic institution”.

Not only that: the students also denounce the fact that the teacher has neither attended the exams nor taught lessons for seven years. “We consider his non-fulfillment of teaching duties to be unacceptable, while revealing disrespectful conduct with respect to the students’ right to learn and not to be offended in an institutional setting”. And a stance has already arrived from the Faculty of Medicine with a report of what happened to the rector Stefano Bronzini. The teacher will be warned not to repeat more episodes of this type.


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