There is a week of completion of the campaign, vaccination against Poliomyelitis is at 88% in the region of IjuíRPI – Rádio Progresso de Ijuí

September 24, 2022

Children from one year to five years old can receive the droplet against polio (Photo: Tomaz Silva/Arquivo/Agência Brasil/Reproduction)

24/09/2022 l 10:13
Jonas Vieira
24/09/2022 l 10:13

Vaccination against polio, at the Health Coordination, based in Ijuí, reaches 88% of the 10,661 children, among the 20 municipalities covered. As a result, 9,378 children have already been immunized. The campaign continues until the 30th and covers the public from 1 to 4 years old. In Ijuí, vaccination is at 80.82%, with application of the drug in 3,181

The municipalities of Augusto Pestana, Bozano, Campo Novo, Catuípe, Chiapetta, Coronel Barros, Humaitá, Nova Ramada, Pejuçara and São Martinho have already surpassed 100% immunization of children against polio. The others range from 69 to 97%.

Also until the 30th of this month, the multivaccination takes place, with a review of immunization portfolios in the public from zero to 15 years. In the Health Coordination of Ijuí, 16,563 people have already attended the clinics. There was vaccination in 9,958 children and adolescents. In Ijuí, of the 3,825 people who visited the clinics, 2,466 received some type of immunization.

Source: Rádio Progresso de Ijuí