“There is almost nothing that is not broken”

Tragedy at the fair – parents completely desperate

Shylah (26) crashed in a mysterious roller coaster accident: “There is almost nothing that is not broken”

Shylah Rodden (26) had an accident at a folk festival in Australia.


Sep 26, 2022 at 8:38 p.m

Shylah Rodden is fighting for her life after she died in a roller coaster accident at a major Australian festival. It is not the first stroke of fate this year for Shylah’s family.

Father after roller coaster accident: “She will be in a coma for a long time”

“The injuries are terrible. She has brain damage. Pelvis, arms, legs, back – there is almost nothing that is not broken,” says Shylah’s father, describing his daughter’s state of health. “She’ll be in a coma for a long time. Even the doctors say they haven’t seen anything this bad in a long time,” he told DailyMail Australia.

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Roller coaster accident in Australia: cause is still unclear

It is still unclear why the 26-year-old had an accident on the Royal Melbourne Show in Victoria. Local police said immediately after the accident that Shylah was probably trying to get her lost cell phone when she was hit by one of the coaster cars.

However, eyewitnesses contradicted this account. Speaking to various media outlets, they said that Shylah was riding the roller coaster herself and fell out. “Investigators are working to determine the exact circumstances,” police said.

It’s the next tragedy for Shylah’s family

Shylah’s sister Caisha told Daily Mail Australia that Shylah worked at the fair herself. “She was helping out there for a friend. Then she took a break with another worker, they wanted to kill time on some rides and unfortunately that’s what happened.”

For the family, Shylah’s accident is not the first tragedy in recent months. On July 27, the 26-year-old herself wrote on Facebook: “Dad told me that my brother died. He wasn’t just my big brother, he was my best friend, my everything.”

“He taught me so much, he showed me what’s right and what’s wrong, and he’s never been afraid to show me how he really feels,” Shylah said. “It doesn’t feel real. I still think you’ll get in touch with me.” (jda)