There is already a firm selected to audit the software in the elections: registrar Alexander Vega

Registrar Alexander Vega testing one of the biometric systems. Photo: National Registry of Civil Status.

The national registrar Alexander Vega called a press conference on Saturday, May 21, to explain different aspects related to the presidential elections on May 29.

During the meeting with journalists, the registrar Vega delivered a piece of calm about the operation of the national counting software for the elections of May 29

We give full guarantees and peace of mind, access to information is fully guaranteed. The counting software worked normally.”, said the registrar Vega.

He also announced that, within the framework of the 2022 Electoral Guarantees Plan, the National Registry of Civil Status carried out the national simulation of ballots on May 20 and 21, as an exercise in preparation for the elections for President and Vice President of the Republic. of 2022.

For this exercise, a total of 2,281 zonal, municipal, and general scrutinizing commissions were installed in 1,103 municipalities of Colombia, in all 32 departments, in Bogotá and abroad. According to the Vega logger:

“15,000 actors are participating in the drill at this time, people from the process between scrutinizing commissions, data entry officers, technical support, control entities, party auditors, who are accompanying us today from the campaigns, and electoral observation missions such as the OAS, Union Union, Capel and the Carter Center. The drill also has the accompaniment of about three thousand judges of the Republic today, who were appointed by the superior judicial courts.

He also assured that the exercise was carried out in complete normality, thanks to the technological tools provided by the National Registry so that the scrutinizing commissions of the different levels carry out the constitutional function in a transparent manner.

In the same way, he stated: “The CNE selected a firm. Keep in mind that the audit requested by the parties and the National Electoral Council applies to the entire electoral process. It will be the president of the Electoral Council who reports”,

Within the framework of the drills, new functionalities of the base scrutiny software were tested, such as:

It will not work outside the hours established by Law 1475 of 2011 in article 41.

Database backups will be performed every five minutes.

It will transmit in real time the files, documents and images of the E-14 records to the web monitoring system.

The validation of the double digitization of the electoral results contained in the E-14 records of Claveros was carried out, in accordance with the suggestion of the European Union.

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It will not allow the closure without prior verification of the E-14 minutes, the E-24 minutes and what is recorded in the system.

All actions and operations carried out by the three members of the scrutinizing commissions must be authenticated through a fingerprint.

In the same press conference, the registrar referred to the two candidates who rejected his aspiration, before which doubts arose about his appearance on their ballots, a controversy that Vega clarified.

A week before the voting booths open, the entity is finalizing details to improve the perception left by the March legislative elections. Vega explained that the voting cards are already printed. Despite having withdrawn, the names of Íngrid Betancourt and Luis Pérez Gutiérrez will appear on the electoral card, although, if they receive votes, they will not be added to the campaigns they are supporting.

The registrar held:

“Taking into account that the electoral cards are already printed with several candidates who requested their withdrawal, in the case of Luis Pérez and Íngrid Betancourt, the instruction that has been given to the voting juries is that they must compute the votes of both candidates. retired. Then, the scrutinizing commissions, already with instructions from the National Electoral Council, will define if these votes will go as unmarked votes, but that decision is made by the CNE.”

Although the candidates will appear on the electoral card, those votes that are marked in favor of the withdrawn candidates will not be taken into account for the campaigns that they decided to support. However, the voting juries must compute them as if they were participating normally.

In this regard, Alexander Vega added:

“It is ruled out that these votes join the campaigns that they support, remember that there are E14 forms printed with the two withdrawn candidates and there are ballots, what they do is that the votes are counted and counted at the table as if they were still participating, but already in the scrutiny, the Electoral Council will compute those votes as unmarked cards”.


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