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Regional 1 Female : White Eagles. The reinforcement of Laurie Romano (N2) should give a little air to the White Eagles out of breath since the beginning of the season.

The boat, the saint-paulois has not yet sunk, but it pitches heavily. If the past year the women’s team of the White Eagles could ride the winds, she now struggled to hoist the mainsail. The top of the mast, Didier Tabert composed since the beginning of the season, with the forces of, reduced, of the time. In fact, the expected performance of the share of volleyeuses of the West are not (yet) at the appointment. Two days of the end of the phase regular, Maeva Castori et al have lost more matches than they have won (six wins to eight losses) and remain painfully in the fifth place of the general. “There is a lack of preparation,” says Didier Tabert, the technician saint-paulois. The girls have experience but if they are not being put to use in the training, it will not work. Suddenly, the mayonnaise does not necessarily on the ground.”
At the approach of the quarter-finals of the play-offs, a round table has, however, been performed to make the point on the ambitions and expectations of each of the players. In spite of the imperative professional or personal to each member of the group, everyone agreed to give the maximum to reach the last step of the final phases. “The last few matches, we start to train seriously,” continues Didier Tabert. But it takes time for the team is. It will be necessary to whip if we want to regain our consistency of last season. In this configuration, compete in the quarter-finals is rather a boon”.

“A good vision of the game”

The group will win a few additional matches of preparation, and it will also continue the integration of Laurie Romano within the group. The volleyeuse 27-year-old has landed at the Meeting two weeks ago and is close to the White Eagles, with which it has already played a match. If she has not played in competition since two years, the former libero of Vincennes VB is a player talented and a natural leader. “It’s a good rookie, confirms the coach of saint-paulois. She has a good vision of the game and a good attacking game, even if it is trained to be a libero. It will strengthen our wing”.
Didier Tabert still walking on eggs. The wounds of Christine Prévil (dos) and Delphine Néhoua (knee) are a thorn in the side of the coach, who will likely have to rely on Maeva Castori to ensure the pass. Despite these few annoyances, the White Eagles seem to be ready to return to the fight. The coming weeks will see a bit more clearly in the evolution of the team and assist in the development of six major stable. The first of the season.

Christopher Mermet

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