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[Epoch Times October 21, 2021]”There is a mistake.” October 21.

Zhao Shuxin, a mining machinery engineer, sent a telegram to the post and telecommunications bureau. There were only a few words on it, “Lost Hei Pao 301, find Zhao.” The staff of the Telecom Bureau who sent the telegram thought it was suspicious and reported it to the Public Security Bureau. The Public Security Bureau then filed a case and conducted a full investigation of Engineer Zhao.

Young people today may not know what telegraph is. Before the 1990s, there were no mobile phones, let alone smart phones like the iPhone. In mainland China, ordinary wired telephones are very rare, so if there is an emergency to contact, everyone has to send a telegram. The telegram must go to the post office, write the recipient’s address and name, and then write the matter. Telegram is charged by word. I forgot how much it costs. It is probably a few cents per Chinese character. However, as long as the numbers are connected together, all the numbers are only one word. So, everyone will try to reduce the number of words, some of which are expressed in numbers.

“Lost black cannon 301 to find Zhao”, literally understood, lost a black cannon, go to places or people related to 301 to find, the last “Zhao” is the signature. The Public Security Bureau became suspicious and investigated. It turned out that when Engineer Zhao was on a business trip, he lost a black cannon on his favorite chess and asked his friend to go to the hotel room to find it. Originally, this matter was over, but the doubt remains. The Public Security Bureau believes that a pair of chess is only a few cents, up to one or two yuan, and a telegram is only a few yuan, which is completely illogical. At this time, the mine just introduced a set of equipment from Germany. Engineer Zhao can speak German and has been working with German engineers for a long time. So the mine party committee transferred Zhao Gong away and temporarily hired another translator who didn’t understand machinery. In the end, a major accident occurred during the installation and test run of the whole set of equipment, and several million were lost. And the “black cannon” was also found and sent back.

The movie “Black Cannon Incident” was actually made in general, and the storytelling method and shooting technique were actually quite Chinese, but it caused a lot of discussion back then. To be honest, there have been a lot of advancements in Chinese film technology, but this type of film may hardly be allowed to be released.

We are not talking about movies today, but about that era. The “Black Cannon Incident” is a story in the 1980s. China had just reformed and opened up at that time, and society was still full of practices and concepts from the closed era. But the situation was very different ten or twenty years earlier. After all, mainland China was already at the end of the closed era and the early period of the open era.

During the Cultural Revolution, the “People’s War” to catch spies can be incredibly terrifying.

The famous Chinese actor Yan Fengying of Huangmei Opera was once popular in the Chinese world. The sings in “Tian Xian Dui” are still very popular nowadays. Suspected of being a spy during the Cultural Revolution, she could not survive torture, so she chose to commit suicide. The military representative of the troupe where she was in ordered, in front of everyone, cut off the body of the famous actress with an axe, looking for the transmitter hidden in her stomach. The official media of the Communist Party of China later publicly reported this matter, and the older Chinese knew it.

That era was the era of the “people’s war.” Everything was a “people’s war.” The arrest of spies and spies was of course also a “people’s war.” And now, the use of “People’s War” to counter spies will probably be back again.

The CIA in the United States will set up a China Mission Center to openly recruit Chinese speakers, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, and Shanghainese. It is said that the annual salary is up to 170,000 US dollars.

This news caused an uproar in China. Needless to say, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China responded, and the Ministry of National Defense responded. A public account of the People’s Liberation Army directly stated that it would use the Aunt Chaoyang and the copper fishermen to use the People’s War to fight the CIA. Of this China Mission Center. This makes people have to doubt that the CCP wants to send mainland China back to the era of Yan Fengying, and it is reminded of the “black gun era.”

This thing is funny when I think of it. Think about it, the aunts of Chaoyang wearing red armbands, swarming to deal with James Bond, what is that picture?

Of course, things are not that simple. The authorities hope that the people across the country will be more vigilant. Like all comrades in the black artillery incident, they will report suspicious persons and suspicious incidents at any time. It’s just that this approach is simply catching the wrong use of God.

There are actually three methods for intelligence work: First, send people to steal information. Of course, you must be agile, quick to respond, and you must be proficient in various languages ​​and knowledge, just like James Bond. Second, you must buy informants and be in the opponent’s camp. Find the target in the process, use money or other benefits to lure, and obtain useful information; third, use various public information and obtained clues to analyze and summarize, and draw valuable conclusions.

Modern espionage work, to be honest, the third type is the most important. Many years ago, people in the American intelligence community said that the current intelligence work, data and information analysis, account for more than 95% of the intelligence work. I can say that nine out of ten Chinese-speaking talents hired by the CIA in the United States do intelligence analysis.

The United States wants to train a trustworthy James Bond who can speak Chinese and even various dialects, and it will send to China to work. The possibility is basically zero. The reason is simple. Working in the CIA, in addition to general background checks, the highest level of security background checks is required, which is security clearance. Originally, if you send a white or black man, you just learn Tianjin dialect, Shandong dialect, Hebei dialect, Sichuan dialect, Shanxi dialect and even the Northeast accent. It is probably useless, right. But if you hire a Chinese language genius from China, plus a professional genius, I guess his security background check may not pass, because the past experience is too complicated and cannot be verified at all.

Therefore, the only way is to find a native of East Asia whose parents and even grandparents are American. But these people usually find good jobs. In peacetime, who wants to take risks? This must also consider his own political leanings and so on.

Let’s assume that the CIA is really lucky. It has really found this kind of person, trained for three years and five years, and can successfully sneak into China. How many people? Three? Five? Ten? Eight? If the CCP mobilizes the People’s War to deal with it, I am afraid it will not be worth the gain. For example, in the “Black Cannon Incident”, the mine lost millions of RMB. Aunt Chaoyang, there is a cost. Everyone attends a day, as little as 50 yuan, as many as more than 100, all of which are for money.

People’s war is an important part of Mao Zedong’s military thought. Guerrilla warfare plus people’s war, mobile warfare plus annihilation war, according to the Chinese Communist Party, this is the essence of Mao Zedong’s military thought. It’s just that people’s war is conditional, that is, there must be absolute superiority in terms of ideology and value orientation, and the people will automatically and consciously assist and take action spontaneously. This is not a way of war that can be ordered from the top down.

Now the CCP does not have this self-confidence. Nowadays, in mainland China, the control imposed by the government is more stringent than during the Cultural Revolution. During the Cultural Revolution, most of the revolutionary actions were bottom-up, and they were spontaneous and conscious behaviors inspired by a certain ideology by the people at the bottom. Therefore, top-down official control was more lax than it is now.

Therefore, the People’s War has actually become something the CCP fears and worries about.

The People’s Liberation Army’s public account called for the People’s War to deal with the CIA. It has caught the wrong spirit and is not in line with reality, but it is in line with the current spirit of the Chinese Communist Party.

The statist autocratic system itself is a kind of war-like system. It needs a clear and immediate direct threat and a clear enemy. Without the enemy, the system will loosen up, and the autocratic power will slowly drain. Therefore, the recruitment of Chinese professionals by the CIA is of course a promotional material that cannot be overlooked.

There is no doubt that China is moving towards further totalitarian autocracy.

On October 18, the Politburo of the Communist Party of China met to discuss issues related to the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee. The official media of the Communist Party of China reported that the meeting first decided to hold six plenary sessions on November 8. Second, it passed the framework and main spirit of the “CPC Central Committee’s Resolution on the Party’s Major Achievements and Historical Experience in a Century of Struggle.” Note that it is not the adoption of this century-old resolution, but the adoption of the framework and spirit of this century-old resolution.

There are three historical resolutions in the history of the Chinese Communist Party. The first was that on April 20, 1945, the Seventh Plenary Session of the Sixth Central Committee passed “resolutions on certain historical issues,” criticizing the previous Communist Party leaders and establishing Mao Zedong’s line. Three days later, on April 23, 1945, the Chinese Communist Party convened its Seventh National Congress. Mao Zedong officially became the chairman of the Communist Party of China and officially became “Chairman Mao.” Liu Shaoqi proposed Mao Zedong Thought at the meeting and shouted the slogan of Long live Chairman Mao.

The second historical resolution of the CCP was the “Resolution on Certain Historical Issues of the Party since the Founding of the People’s Republic” of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee in 1981. It directly negated Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution and denied Mao Zedong’s line of “class struggle as the key link”. , To reconfirm the “economic construction as the key link” of the three plenums and confirm the reform and opening up. The 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in 1982, the party constitution was changed, the party chairman was abolished, and an advisory committee was established. Deng Xiaoping became the chairman of the Military Commission, which established the era of Deng Xiaoping.

Next month, the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will pass a historical resolution again, 40 years after the last historical resolution. Obviously, this resolution is also to determine another “historical stage” of the CCP, let’s call it the “Xi Jinping stage.” In fact, the official media of the Chinese Communist Party is also making such propaganda, saying: Mao Zedong made the Chinese stand up, Deng Xiaoping made the Chinese rich, and Xi Jinping made the Chinese strong.

Therefore, Xi Jinping will be tied with Mao and Deng, and the other Hua Guofeng, Zhao Ziyang, Hu Yaobang, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, etc., are all transitional figures, and of course they are waiting for the stage leaders.

However, this time the CCP’s “historical resolution” and the establishment of “stage leaders” are similar and different from the previous two. The same thing lies in the denial of the leaders and lines of the previous stage. For example, Mao Zedong denied Chen Duxiu and Wang Ming the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, Deng Xiaoping denied Mao Zedong and Hua Guofeng, and Xi Jinping would deny Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Hu Jintao. This is not alarmist talk. For example, Deng Xiaoping said that “economic construction is the center and will remain unshakable for a hundred years.” It seems that this may be negated. In the future, it will rise and rebuild the structure of the CCP’s ideology and social system. There is also the use of “common prosperity” to deny “getting rich first”, and “rejuvenation” and “rise” to deny “hiding one’s capacity and bidding our time and never being the head.” Regarding the system, it is very likely that the party chairman will have life tenure, and the general secretary who has a limited term of office will be denied.

But there are also very different places. Both 1945 and 1981 were the result of the complete victory of the power struggle, but the power struggle between Xi Jinping and other factions of the Chinese Communist Party has not yet ended and is still in progress.

The totalitarian autocratic system is based on personal authority. In ancient feudal dynasties, the personal authority of the emperor comes from blood. The personal authority of the modern autocratic system does not have this advantage. Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously establish personal authority. In the past few years, the CCP’s direction has been exactly the same. It has vigorously established Xi Jinping’s personal authority. The party’s “no sense of loyalty” has become a serious crime, much more serious than corruption and bribery, precisely because of this political need.

But personal authority cannot be achieved by appointment. In an open society, this cannot be achieved through propaganda, so it must be closed again. However, this closed process has met with opposition from all walks of life in China, including all parties within the party, various interest groups in society, and even ordinary little pinks. I think this is an impossible task for the CCP. This determines that the CCP’s turn back this time will surely become an autocratic sandwich, which will eventually lead to the CCP’s collapse.

Of course, this time is hard to tell. In the process, the Chinese will inevitably have to go through various “black artillery eras.”

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