“There is no trace of him”

It is an Audi Q3 type vehicle that is involved. The car was coming from Dour, but did not brake when reaching the roundabout. The vehicle even continued straight ahead, passing the roundabout to finish its course in the pines, on the other side of the road, on the side of the old Pino establishment.

Unfortunately the vehicle caught fire and even exploded. The residents could hear a detonation … Fumes emerged from the premises, visible in the distance. The help was of course dispatched on the spot. The road was closed to traffic during the intervention. Firefighters brought the flames under control.

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“On the other hand, there is no trace of the driver,” underlines the mayor of Hensies, Eric Thiébaut. Neither around the vehicle, nor in the vehicle. The motorist would therefore have left the scene. He is of course wanted by the police.

Shortly after 10 a.m., the vehicle was being evacuated. It was planned to reopen the road to traffic shortly after.


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