There may be as many victims of a nuclear tactical strike of the Russian Federation as in the destroyed Mariupol

There could be as many casualties from a Russian tactical nuclear strike as in the destroyed Mariupol.

Add, according to various estimates, in Mariupol died from 20 to 50 thousand local residents.

This opinion was expressed in an exclusive interview with by Defense Express expert Ivan Kirichevsky.

“There is a very sad comparison that the level of casualties in Mariupol corresponds to the use of a potential nuclear strike by the Russian Federation. This is if a tactical nuclear bomb was used on the city with a capacity of 100 kilotons or even 10 such bombs. On the one hand, this is a very sad comparison of the scale of the victims. On the other hand, even if the Russians really want to, they will not be able to reach the level of victims – hundreds or thousands of dead,” he said.

Recall that there is information about the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in the Kaliningrad region and in the occupied Crimea. In particular, we are talking about Feodosia-13 – in the corresponding The object is located between Feodosia and Sudak. At the same time, there are no weapons of mass destruction on the territory of Belarus yet.

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