There might be a flip! The famous page reported that two giant teams joined the hunting band ‘Teerasil’ against BG

The famous media of Thai football revealed that the future of “Mui” Teerasil Daengda is still uncertain that Will end up with any team in the next season Since there are still two other teams in the Thai League that are paying attention to join the army Although earlier there was news that BG Pathum United was close to snatching the Thai national team striker.

Today (21 Oct.) Fan page One Man Show by Mangosin News report Mui – Teerasil Daengda Spearhead degree of the Thai national team Shimizu S-Pulse Still will move back to play in the Thai League 99.99% during the third round of the transfer market this December, but may not BG Pathum United Traditional team leaders, as many clubs want to grab to join the team. Both teams in Siam and J.League 2

Previously, Chao Mui went to the news, preparing to move back to paint on the Thai League stage again. The latter is not very successful. On the second round of raw fish with news that the Kaew Rabbit Army Able to agree on a fee with Shimizu S-Pulse, and only leave the 32-year-old to accept it, he will be able to move to the Calio Stadium without a problem.

However, it was recently added that There are two Thai League teams making proposals that Shimizu S-Pulse is expected to be. FC Port Authority and True Bangkok United In order to bring this shooting star back to Thailand The team in J2 Has been filed But the proposal has not yet been discussed in detail. Because the destination of Mui is probably only in the land of Siam

For Teerasil moved from SCG Muang Thong United Went to live with Shimizu S-Pulse earlier this year But the performance is not impressive. Including referred to return to Thailand to be with his family Thus giving the opportunity to return to the Thai League again up to 99.99%, according to the media’s confirmation.

Thanks to the news source: One Man Show by Mangosin

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