There was a consolation prize for Belov

The first away defeat
There was a consolation prize for Belov

The goalkeeper of the penguins was the best player of the black and yellow in the away game at EHC Freiburg, but could not prevent the 1:4 defeat. Opportunity evaluation was poor. Is Nikita Scherbak in the conversation?

Everyday life has become grayer for the penguins. After the home defeat against Kassel, the Krefelders had to admit defeat for the first time in the DEL 2 on Sunday evening and lost 1:4 to the wolves of EHC Freiburg. Only goalkeeper Sergei Belov showed a good performance in front of 1563 spectators and prevented a higher defeat. The people in front of him acted too carelessly in many situations. In attack, many very good scoring chances were carelessly given away. Even in the majority, little went together again. After the game, Belov at least got a consolation prize in the form of a small keg of beer. In this way he was able to wash the frustration from his soul on the long journey home to the Lower Rhine.

The penguins made their way to Freiburg around 8.30 a.m. When the team bus drove up to the “Real Heroes Arena” opened in 1970 at around 3:30 p.m., the autumn sun was shining brightly from the blue sky in Breisgau. When the players made their way from the bus to the dressing room area, some of the players wrinkled their noses, as the path from the ice surface to the changing room area is very narrow and a bit steep.

Defender Philip Riefers did not travel to Breisgau. The 32-year-old had to pass due to illness. But because Pascal Zerressen returned to the team after his “baby break” against the Kassel Huskies, the penguins played with six defenders. Nikita Dobriskin was the seventh defender on the score sheet. Multifunctional Sergey Saveljev and his advisor Igor Zakharkin did not travel to Freiburg.

The hosts confidently competed against the DEL relegated team. On Friday she had won 4-1 in Bayreuth. Shortly after the start of the game, Marcel Müller had the first chance of the game. The hosts then took over the direction. First goalkeeper Sergei Belov had luck on his side with a shot against the post. But when Kiefersauer shot at Freiburg’s lead, he was powerless (17′). The Penguins’ defenders had moved too far on the counterattack. Pascal Zerressen could no longer stop the scorer. Seconds before the first break, Zach Magwood missed a good shot to equalize.

The Wolves remained the better team at the beginning of the middle third and pushed for the next goal. It was only thanks to goalkeeper Belov that it didn’t hit behind him. Belov was also the end of the line when the hosts had the greatest chance of scoring through Linsemaier, who ran alone towards the Krefeld goal (24′).

From the 30th minute the penguins developed more pressure. But the next goal came from Pokorny on the other side. Again, the penguins’ defensive work was not energetic enough (32′). Only two minutes later, the nearly 50 KEV fans who had traveled with us, for whom the long journey had not been worthwhile, were finally able to cheer. Kael Mouillierat served Magwood with a great pass. The Canadian pulled away immediately and scored with a very durable shot to make it 1:2.

After captain Alexander Weiß lost out to goalkeeper Cerveny in the 53rd minute, the wolves showed how to play successfully with one man more and pulled away 3:1 with a goal from Billich (56th). That was the preliminary decision, because the penguins also failed in their last majority of the game and even conceded an icing (56th). When goalkeeper Belov left his workplace 120 seconds before the end, Linsenmaier hit the empty goal.

On the fringes of the game, RP learned that the Penguins are said to be interested in Russian striker Nikita Scherbak, whose visa was not renewed in the Czech Republic, where he played for Mountfield HK. The 26-year-old played 37 NHL games.