There was a fire in an apartment in La Candelaria

fire in La Candelaria

Through social networks they reported that on the afternoon of this Sunday, August 7, a fire broke out in one of the apartments located in the Parque Caracas residences in La Candelaria, in the center of the city.

According to information from the Fire Department of the Capital District, they evicted more than 152 residents of the area. This to be able to control the flames.

Fire in La Candelaria

“Firefighters from Caracas put out a fire in an apartment located in the Parque Caracas Residence in Plaza La Candelaria.” This was indicated on Twitter by the rescue agency.

For the procedure, “152 people were evicted preventively.”

At the moment, the cause of the incident is unknown. They also did not report whether there was material or human damage from this situation.

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