There was already a lot of doubt, but now the House 2G proposal wants to be finally off the table

The House of Representatives has canceled 2G, the system in which only people who have been vaccinated or recently recovered from corona have access to certain places. A motion by SGP leader Van der Staaij and MP Omtzigt about this was passed. The government parties VVD, D66 and CDA and MP Den Haan voted against that motion.

There was already a lot of doubt in the Chamber. The ruling party ChristenUnie and a large part of the opposition have always been against and yesterday the PvdA also joined the opponents. According to the PvdA, 2G is currently ineffective and disproportionate.

The previous cabinet submitted the bill to introduce 2G last November. The law would make it possible to admit people in specific situations only if they have been vaccinated or cured. The measure was controversial from the start and the consideration of the proposal was postponed several times.

The difference between 2G and 3G: