There was never a ban on feeding stray cats


Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria spoke about the ban on feeding stray cats in West Jakarta which went viral. Riza emphasized that the government has never prohibited its citizens from feeding stray cats.

“The government has never prohibited every citizen from feeding stray cats or ordered them, that’s the right of every citizen, isn’t that right?” said Riza when met at the DKI Jakarta City Hall, Jl Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta. Friday (24/6/2022) night.

Riza views the act of feeding stray cats as a form of affection for fellow living creatures. Therefore, he then invited his residents to provide food to wild animals that live on the streets.

“It’s a creature of God that we also need to take care of. If someone feeds please, want a wild cat, wild chicken is the right of the citizens and we the government never prohibits or orders. That’s the right of each,” he asserted.

Previously reported, Kelurahan Kedoya Utara held mediation with RW 03 Green Garden Complex, West Jakarta, regarding the circular letter (SE) prohibiting feeding stray cats. Secretariat staff of RW 03 Afud explained a number of reasons for making the circular.

“Complaints from residents are via SMS to the RT/RW group, so because it is often possible for Mr. RW to get reports from these residents, the RW makes a letter, the purpose is to make our residents internal,” Afud said during mediation at the Kedoya Utara sub-district office. , Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Friday (24/6/2022).

The mediation was attended by West Jakarta KPKP Sub-dept. Head of Livestock and Animal Health Kurniatun, Deputy Head of Kebon Jeruk Taufik Sub-district, North Kedoya Village Head Tubagus Masarul Iman, and the cat lover community.

To the audience, Afud said, in the neighborhood there are residents who always feed the cats. However, according to him, the residents did not pay attention to cleanliness.

“Indeed, there are two residents who often feed the cat, for example in an empty house, then they just put it away, then sometimes in the park, the real problem, Pak RW admits it’s not a problem feeding the cat, the effect after feeding the cat,” he said.

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