“There was never a lack of women in music, but people who saw them”

EL NUEVO DIARIO, MADRID.- In just over a couple of years, Nicki Nicole has become an icon as a female benchmark for trap and Latin music in Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries, something she plans to use for the benefit of others : “Those of us who are currently today have to fight for the visibility of other women in music,” she declares.

“When I got to the genre of ‘freestyle’ music, there were already many artists who had worked very hard so that those who came had their little hole in the industry and now it is my turn to continue fighting for it,” insists this firm defender of the rights of women in music before adding: “There was never a lack of women, but people who see them.”

In that sense, she remembers how her compatriot Cazzu encouraged her to participate in one of his concerts. “It is incredible not only musically but also as a person. He invited me to sing a single song and the truth was that it was great. I will always be grateful to her, ”she remembers.

He says that if there was something that always governed his childhood, it was the dream of succeeding in music and the desire to make it come true. And now, with almost 21 years behind her, she is proud to have fulfilled that “dream that attracted her so much” since she was very little.

It was in 2019 when Nicole Denise Cucco, better known as Nicki Nicole (Rosario, Argentina, 2000), made the leap to fame with her first single “Wapo Traketero”, which reached the gold record in Spain and which swept views and listens from YouTube and Spotify. Since then, it has not stopped growing.

She represents the new generation that conquers the world with a relentless talent for its youth, capacity for composition, versatility and a style of its own, generating in this way a furor within the artistic community.

“From one moment to the next I saw myself being the focus of attention of many people in many countries. It was not something progressive, but a boom, and I did not expect it at all. It took me a bit to react to it, I always wanted to do my best and I couldn’t enjoy it, but the good thing is that now I have my feet on the ground and I know how to move forward, “he says.

After several sessions with Bizarrap, his music producer, came his debut album, “Recuerdos” (2019), in which he combines the genres of trap, soul, pop and R&B.

After numerous hits such as “Years light”, “Colocao”, “Mamichula” (with the Argentine singer Trueno), “No Toque Mi Naik” (with Lunay) and “Ella No Es Tuya Remix” (with Myke Towers and Rochy RD), is now preparing his second album, whose production work continues in Spain.

Although he cannot reveal any details of what his second studio album will be like, he has advanced that “there will be many collaborations, both by national and international artists”, and that it is expected to be released in the fall of this year.

“The idea is that it comes out in October; It should have been in August, but due to the covid we decided to delay it and now we are with the final touches, “he says in this regard.

What the young woman is clear about is that there will be a tour of Spain next year to present her latest songs, including a recent collaboration with the Spanish artist Delaossa. “It is a song that is going to break him,” he predicts.

Likewise, he has dropped some of the Spanish artists with whom he would like to collaborate on his next songs, such as C. Tangana, Bad Gyal or Rosalía. “Knowing her will change the way I see music,” he says about a possible duet with the author of “Malamente.”