As you know, such flights have previously been organized in both Asia and Australia, gaining popularity among passionate travelers. “In the current conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, when flights have become almost exclusive entertainment, people’s desire to take to the air has not disappeared,” says the travel agency Balt-Go, which organizes the flight.

“We often hear sentences from our customers: how much I would like to fly somewhere! I haven’t been anywhere in a long time! Enjoy driving to the airport, boarding a plane, flying and landing again, it’s almost dreamed of as a miraculous Christmas present. Reading news from Asia “This is how we can travel to Latvia on a plane. This time, together with airBaltic, we planned a flight to Kurzeme,” says Līga Pommere, a travel agency.

Martin Gauss, Chairman of the Board of airBaltic, says: “It is clear that people lack travel and flying experience. We appreciate the Balt-Go initiative, which is organizing a flight that will allow passengers to enjoy the best that flying can offer – the opportunity to watch scenic Latvian nature, enjoy the professional attention of our crew and local cuisine. “

The flight Riga – Riga will last 1 hour and 25 minutes. During the flight, the chef of “LSG Sky Chefs” will take care of a gastronomic trip for taste buds. The menu includes special dishes from the 1937 cookbook written by the housekeepers of the Latvian Chamber of Agriculture. In turn, the actor Andris Bulis will take the role of a guide to Kurzeme flight tours on October 25, the organizers inform.

During the flight, as long as the weather conditions are favorable, it is planned to reduce the flight altitude to 900 – 1000 meters, which will allow a good view of what is happening on the ground. In turn, when the plane is over Pāvilosta, passengers will be able to experience and enjoy the sunset over the Baltic Sea.

135 tickets are available for this flight and their price starts from 159 euros per passenger.

“It is important to emphasize that passengers going on this Kurzeme flight will not have to observe self-isolation. During the flight, the plane will not cross the Latvian border and it will take off and land only at Riga airport,” the organizers say.

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