There will be a lot of rain and wet snow in many places on Sunday

On Sunday, it will rain in many places in Latvia, in the southern part of the country long-term rain is expected, in some places there will also be wet snow and intense precipitation, weather forecasters predict.

In the afternoon, starting in the northwest, the sky will clear for a while. In the evening, icing may form on the roads.

A slow wind will blow, it will turn from the north, northwest and intensify slightly on the coast.

The air temperature in the afternoon will not exceed +2 .. + 7 degrees.

In the first half of the day, rain is expected in Riga, in the evening the sky will be clear and there will be a short-term rainfall. The wind will mostly be slow; maximum air temperature +6 degrees.

The weather is determined by the low pressure area. Atmospheric pressure 995-998 hectopascals at sea level.