there will be no canteen this Thursday, November 25

To avoid an identical situation this Thursday, the town hall announces that it is canceling the collective catering of Thursday, November 25 and that “to avoid any waste and adapt to these circumstances, the menus are changed on Friday 26”.

The City adds: “Well aware of the organizational difficulties caused for the families, we would like to apologize to them for the late information on the risk of closing the extracurricular centers and the lack of provision of meals on Tuesday, November 23”.

Negotiations with trade unions are continuing, “in order to find ways of applying the law acceptable to municipal staff and therefore to restore the usual functioning of schools”, specify Christine Garnier (assistant to schools) and Pierre Mériaux (assistant to staff). Both also believe that the compulsory passage to 1607h, imposed by the law on the transformation of the civil service, is “an undeniable social decline”

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