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Therefore, a measles infection is more dangerous than thought

A patient receives a measles vaccination. The Federal Cabinet has initiated a law for measles vaccination. Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa


Vaccination against measles from March 2020: In case of threatening Bugelder

The research results were clear: It was noticeable that the number and variety of immune cells was significantly more stable in people without measles or measles than in patients with measles infection. In addition, the researchers found several indications pointing to an impairment of B cell maturation.

Measles infection: Experts recommend vaccination

The results can be understood in such a way that after a measles infection, the immune system virtually forgets which excitement it had previously been in contact with and thus prevents the formation of the correct antibodies in case of renewed infections.

Professor Klaus Cichutek, President of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, therefore warns: "Not only is measles vaccine important for protection against measles viruses, but it also protects against the onset or severe onset of other infectious diseases, and it protects the immune system, which can be severely compromised in measles infections."

In August 2019, the Federal Cabinet initiated the law for compulsory vaccination against measles. As of March 2020, parents need to prove that they have been vaccinated before taking their children to a kindergarten or school.

Vaccination against measles does not just apply to children

The compulsory vaccination also applies to day nursery and staff in day-care centers, schools, medicine and community facilities, such as refugee accommodation. At Versten threaten Bugelder up to 2500 euros. Unvaccinated children should no longer be admitted to Kitas.

Children and staff who are already in a day-care center, school or community at the time of entry into force of the law in the coming March must prove vaccination by 31 July 2021 at the latest. Evidence can be provided by the vaccination certificate, the yellow child examination booklet or by a medical certificate, which shows that you already had the measles.

Health Minister Spahn: Want to save all children from measles infection

"We want to protect all children against measles infection as much as possible," said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) on Wednesday. Therefore introduce the mandatory vaccination. Background is a worldwide increase in measles. In Germany 543 cases were reported last year. In the first months of this year already more than 400 cases.

In April 2019, a woman in Germany died of measles. The autopsy shows that the woman died of pneumonia as a result of the measles infection. Eight days before her death she was even vaccinated against measles – an infection could not prevent this.

As the district of Hildesheim announced, the autopsy results of the woman who died of measles in April are now available. All additional examinations were completed successfully. The communication said: "The summary of all available findings clearly shows that the person died of pneumonia as a result of measles infection with a wild-type virus." Also in the US, measles diseases are becoming more common: measles cases have been at their highest level for 27 years.

Pneumonia as a possible consequence

Pneumonia is a potential consequence of measles infection. According to the figures, they are responsible for 60 percent of measles deaths. In a previous press release, Dr. Katharina Hppe, Head of the Health Department, said: "We know that complications such as pneumonia or brain infections caused by measles infections are not uncommon." The expert explains: "Mortalities are known, about every 1000. Measles disease leads to death." Nevertheless, the need for vaccination is still widely discussed.

Woman was vaccinated against measles just before illness

Eight days before the woman died, she was first vaccinated against measles after having had measles in her family. However, the vaccine in this case could no longer prevent infection. According to the notification, wild viruses and no vaccine viruses were detected in the virological studies. In addition, there were no signs of an allergic reaction, which means that the vaccine may not have been the cause of the disease. In order to understand the striking course of the disease, the Hildesheim health department has carried out further microbiological, virological, allergological and histological examinations. In order to be able to narrow down the exact cause of death, an autopsy with all additional examinations should be carried out in similar cases. The tragic case confirms the importance of allowing adults to check their vaccine protection and, if necessary, have it freshened up.


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