Rocket League developer Psyonix explains why the Xbox Series X has more 120Hz games right now.

Therefore, it is easy to activate 120Hz on Series X: it has long been baked into the code base

The reason is that Xbox One has supported 120Hz for several years and the fact that both One X and One S have supported variable refresh rates just as long while supporting 1440p which is nice if you have a game screen.

The PS5 has no 1440p mode and just started supporting 120Hz.

It requires a brand new version of the PS5 game to enable 120Hz

Therefore, explains Psyonix, it is very easy to activate 120Hz Xbox Series X for the games, as it only requires a small update to activate it in the game, while PS5 has just started to support this and therefore requires a completely new version of the entire game. code due to PS5’s way of dealing with backward compatibility, when it comes to games like Rocket League

Destiny 2 will be updated with 120Hz for both consoles on December 8, but only for Crucible mode.


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