There’s something to do in Far Cry 5 after you’ve finished the story


Far Cry 5 has an enormous open game world to offer. Of course, players want to spend as much time as possible in beautiful Montana. But what is left to do in the game after the end of the campaign? We introduce you to the endgame of Far Cry 5 with fishing, events and the arcade.
You can not get enough of the fictional Hope County in Far Cry 5? Well, there are still some things left to do after the game, assuming you are not one of them particularly unpleasant bug affected , We have selected five activities that will allow you to spend more time in Digital Montana.
1. Prepper Hideouts and Side Missions
Throughout the game world, there are prepper hiding places to be found. Either you bump into the hiding place while you are browsing or you are pointed out by the locals.
The haunts are not only associated with fun puzzles or climbs, they also always contain special loot, money and perk points.

In addition, you can also do side missions that you missed out on during the campaign. Especially the collection missions, where comics, lighters or barrels have to be located throughout Hope County, can be done well at the end of the campaign.
But beware of major missions: While some of these quests are not time-sensitive, most are tied to the campaign in each region. Major missions should be done first, as many of them are blocked if resistance points are collected too fast or the three lieutenants were turned off.
2. Live events
In Far Cry 5 there are weekly changing actions in the game, each with a different theme. The events can be found in the online menu. Players must re-register each week to participate in the promotions.

You can earn special weapons and outfits that can be used in the campaign. Players are rewarded for their personal efforts, which adds to the community goal. Reaching all players together the challenge for the community, also waving a reward.
3rd arcade
Far Cry 5 comes with a powerful map editor that lets you create different maps and game modes.

The arcade can be called either in the game menu or on the arcade machines in the game. You can also access the editor at any time during the campaign or play cards from other players.

However, as new ideas are added to the arcade every day, it is also worth checking out regularly after the end of the game.
In the arcade, playing maps is not only rewarded with level climbs, you can also earn money and perk points that you can use in a single player or a co-op.
4. Fishing
Fishing in Far Cry 5 is not only a relaxing distraction from the fight against the Eden’s Gate sect, but also a great source of income. Better fishing rods make fishing easier in the game as well, so it’s no wonder players try to unlock the best of the four fishing rods available in the game after the game ends.

For the best fishing rod, Old Betsy, the fishing records in all three regions of Far Cry 5 must be beaten at heavy fishing spots. It counts the highest weight.
In each case four widespread fish that occur in all areas of the game must be caught.
bull trout
golden trout
lake trout
Rainbow trout
In addition, fish that only occur in the respective region must be found.
Holland Valley
The fishing records for Holland Valley can be read in the bar of Falls End, the “Spread Eagle”.

The local fish are in the region
White vane noise
Henbane River
The fishing records for Henbane River can be found in the prison of Hope County.

The local fish are in the region
Largemouth bass
Whitetail Mountains
Whitetail Mountains fishing records can be found at the Whitetail militia headquarters, Wolf’s Den.

The local fish are in the region
King salmon
Sockeye Salmon
Arctic grayling
5. DLCs
With the Season Pass, Ubisoft will release three weird DLCs for Far Cry 5. These are each to tell their own, self-contained stories.

In ” Hours of Darkness ” It’s about the player’s past to fight the Viet Cong in Vietnam and to save his friends.
In “Lost on Mars” An alien insect problem must be solved on Mars.
The third DLC Dead Living Zombies is a co-op adventure that revolves around seven B-movie scenes full of zombies.
While the DLCs themselves seem to have nothing to do with the campaign, they can be expected to bring new weapons and equipment into the game.
Do you still spend a lot of time in Far Cry 5 after completing the game?
Far Cry 5 is not a masterpiece, but I love it!


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