“Theresa May must put an end to the drift current”

“Theresa May must put an end to the drift current”


There is no need to be Oscar Wilde to understand that losing a minister is a misfortune, but to lose two in just over a week frieze the political neglect as the most serious. The government of Theresa May gives the impression of being a private ship of the rudder, which is drifting inexorably towards the reef. There are now almost 40 conservative mps who think that the First minister should resign, which is almost enough to cause the election of a new leader at the head of the party [it would take eight members of the additional to put it in the minority].

other members of the government are still threatened. For various reasons, as Damian Green, the assistant of Theresa May, Boris Johnson, the minister of foreign Affairs, are still under pressure [one is accused of sexual harassment, the other is on the hot seat for having put in danger a British-Iranian imprisoned without reason, Tehran, wrongly asserting that she was a journalist].

The success in the negotiations on the Brexit, the main objective of the government, passes dangerously close in the second plan. The situation is critical, as it is a question of whether the talks will address, the next month, the key issues of trade and the transition period, or if any discussion will be blocked until spring. For many enterprises, especially those of the City who are considering settling elsewhere in Europe, it would be too late by then.

Glimmer of hope

All is not lost yet for the First minister and the conservatives. Perhaps it is a manifestation of sympathy, but Theresa May’s rise in the polls last month. The voters know that, regardless of suspicions of corruption and harassment that are a burden on some ministers, it is not directly in question.

The conservatives have not collapsed in the polls, most of these show that the two major parties are always at the elbow-to-elbow, or only give a slight edge to labour. Voters fail for the moment to overcome the profound doubts, and legitimate, that their inspired by Jeremy Corbyn.

If the First minister wants it to take, and if the conservatives wish to end up in a position to beat their opponents in the next legislative, the time has then come for her to put an end to the drift. He does not belong may not be fully up to resume the hand in the negotiations on the Brexit – especially when the other side does nothing to make life easier for him – but the lack of professionalism in the approach of the british government


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