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Theresa May wins her party's vote of confidence

Theresa May remains leader of the British Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She won Wednesday night a vote of confidence triggered the same morning by his own members. Two hundred deputies voted for confidence, while 117 refused it. The result is particularly satisfying for the Prime Minister since it means that the Conservative Party can no longer challenge its authority for a year. On the other hand, the fact that more than a hundred of his deputies no longer trust him is rather disturbing.

The first hint of the result came from the wide smile posted under her gaze, as Theresa May left the Parliament in her Jaguar of office to join the 10, Downing Street, 100 m away. It was shortly after six o'clock and she had just voted to trust herself. It is their mine that delivered the second index of the result. The most extreme of the Brexiters had a grim face on leaving Committee Room 14, in the majestic Westminster Palace, where the vote was taking place. At the close of the vote, the 317 Conservative MPs had all voted. And for the right wing of the party, reunited under the name "European Research Group", initiator of this attempt to overthrow, the defeat was already announced.

The announcement of the results in front of a packed house was greeted with screams of joy and long applause.

Just before the vote began, Theresa May spoke behind closed doors in front of the members of her party. All were there, including two MPs recently suspended for sending inappropriate messages to women. But the urgency involved lifting the suspension to allow them to vote, no doubt in favor of the Prime Minister. The latter had made a passionate plea according to some of the present and promised above all not to run in the next elections, in 2022. The meeting was even at times "Emotionally charged", added the witnesses.

A few minutes after the announcement of the results, Theresa May presented herself smiling in front of the black door of the 10, Downing Street. She thanked her supporters and claimed to have "Heard the concerns" others. She said that on Thursday, at the European Council in Brussels, she would seek to "Obtain legal and political assurances" on the backstop, the safety net of the border in Northern Ireland, a subject that crumples its biggest detractors within the conservative party. It knows it will have to obtain new concessions if it wants to try to convince its 117 opponents to vote in Parliament the withdrawal agreement of the European Union and the Political Declaration. She then stated that he was "Time to get back to work to implement the Brexit for which voted" the British. She called all parties "On all sides to work together in the national interest" before making a call to "The unity of the country".

This is not a joke, this Wednesday night was also held Christmas Party from the Conservative Party. It has not been canceled. On Thursday morning, Conservative members may have a bit of a hangover. But they will face the same exact question that haunts and tears them for months: how to solve the thorny problem of Brexit, factor of burning division within their party and the country. Theresa May, for her part, should resume the course of her responsibilities and go to Brussels for a European council devoted to … Brexit.

Sonia Delesalle-Stolper correspondent in London


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