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Thermomix 6: The TM6 is official

Some love him, some hate him: The Thermomix by Vorwerk. Helpers in many kitchens in Europe. After the Thermomix TM5 was up to date, now the TM6 is just around the corner. So far, nothing has been found on the German pages, but the new device is already being discussed in Polish Thermomix groups, so pictures of the new Thermomix 6 are shown accordingly.

What do you want to inspire the users? The Thermomix 6 will have integrated WLAN, the 5er had to buy the corresponding module separately. Likewise, the Cookidoo recipe library becomes an integrated core feature of the Thermomix 6.

40,000 recipes should be available immediately after unpacking the Thermomix 6. For this reason, Vorwerk also installs a more powerful quad-core processor and more main memory.

Also, the display is another – the user is available 6.8 inches. Not only recipes are shown, but also the final result. Also cooking functions have been extended again – sous vide could be a bit simpler and slow cooking is included in the Thermomix. It should be 20 functions. That also sounds exciting to me, because sous vide I have always done manually in our Thermomix 5.

Price? At 1359 euros. To have from the 15th of March.

Details Thermomix 6:

* 6.8 inches screen
* Bowl volume: 2.2 liters
* Remainder of 1 g in 1 g
* Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
* Cookidoo features on the screen
* Videos and steps
* Additional modes: cleaning, slow cooking, vacuum, kettle, fermentation, mixing, turbo (max 60 ° C), balance (1g steps)
* New accessories: cooking basket with lid, soft spatula, soundproof cup, splash-proof lid


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