These 118 Xiaomi will be able to update to MIUI 13

MIUI 13 is the new layer of Xiaomi customization which will hit the company’s devices in the near future. After the arrival of MIUI 12.5 Xiaomi is developing a new layer focused on update interface and also the functions. Much of the catalog of Xiaomi may upgrade and now the device list is much clearer. A full list of 118 Xiaomi phones that will update to MIUI 13 in the future. The list is based on the updates from previous years and it is not official, so you must take it with tweezers.

More than 100 Xiaomi phones will have MIUI 13

According to the list created by Xiaomiui more than 100 Xiaomi devices will have MIUI 13 officially. The account that publishes the list is not official, but it is usually quite correct in all its predictions. If you have a Xiaomi mobile and this is listed in the picture above it is quite likely that you will receive MIUI 13 sometime.

There are Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO mobiles of all the ranges and series that have been launched on the market. MIUI 13 will be a great upgrade and it seems that Xiaomi intends to make this version reach a large part of its catalog.

The devices are of high-end, mid-range and also low end. There are terminals from this year and also from previous years, so even if you have an old mobile you can update to MIUI 13. Yes, update to MIUI 13 it does not mean that you can update to Android 12.

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Only some Xiaomi devices Those who update to MIUI 13 will be able to update to Android 12, and they will be the ones released as the latest news from the company. Still, in the Xiaomi mobiles It is not so important to change the operating system, since the layer itself already updates the interface and many parts of the design.

The bad news on this list is that MIUI 13 has yet to be announced and it may take several months for the update to reach most of the Xiaomi devices of the list.